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DataSketches Vector Library (Experimental)

This code is offered “as is” and may not be to the quality of code in, for example, the core datasketches-java repository.


DataSketches Library Website



Build Instructions

JDK8 is Required Compiler

This DataSketches component is pure Java and you must compile using JDK 8.

Recommended Build Tool

The DataSketches-java component structured as a Maven project and Maven is the recommended Build Tool.

There are two types of tests: normal unit tests and tests run by the strict profile.

To run normal unit tests:

$ mvn clean test

To run the strict profile tests:

$ mvn clean test -P strict

To install jars built from the downloaded source:

$ mvn clean install -DskipTests=true

This will create the following jars:

  • datasketches-vector-X.Y.Z-incubating.jar The compiled main class files.
  • datasketches-vector-X.Y.Z-incubating-tests.jar The compiled test class files.
  • datasketches-vector-X.Y.Z-incubating-sources.jar The main source files.
  • datasketches-vector-X.Y.Z-incubating-test-sources.jar The test source files
  • datasketches-vector-X.Y.Z-incubating-javadoc.jar The compressed Javadocs.



There are two run-time dependencies:

  • org.ojalgo : ojalgo
  • org.apache.datasketches : datasketches-memory


See the pom.xml file for test dependencies.


Issues for datasketches-java


Dev mailing list