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* Copyright 2019, Verizon Media.
* Licensed under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE file at the project root for terms.
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <postgres.h>
void* frequent_strings_sketch_new(unsigned lg_k);
void frequent_strings_sketch_delete(void* sketchptr);
void frequent_strings_sketch_update(void* sketchptr, const char* str, unsigned length, unsigned long long weight);
void frequent_strings_sketch_merge(void* sketchptr1, const void* sketchptr2);
char* frequent_strings_sketch_to_string(const void* sketchptr, bool print_items);
void* frequent_strings_sketch_serialize(const void* sketchptr);
void* frequent_strings_sketch_deserialize(const char* buffer, unsigned length);
unsigned frequent_strings_sketch_get_serialized_size_bytes(const void* sketchptr);
struct frequent_strings_sketch_result_row {
char* str;
unsigned long long estimate;
unsigned long long lower_bound;
unsigned long long upper_bound;
struct frequent_strings_sketch_result {
struct frequent_strings_sketch_result_row* rows;
unsigned num;
struct frequent_strings_sketch_result* frequent_strings_sketch_get_frequent_items(void* sketchptr, bool no_false_positives, unsigned long long threshold);
#ifdef __cplusplus