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Apache Daffodil (incubating) Website

The Apache Daffodil (incubating) web site is based off of the Apache Website Template.

The website is generated using Jekyll.

How to deploy this web site

Install Jekyll

Some Linux distributions provide Jekyll via their package managers, for example, for Fedora 25

$ dnf install rubygem-jekyll

Alternatively, Jekyll can be installed using gem:

$ gem install jekyll

Running locally

Before opening a pull request, you can preview your contributions by running from within the directory:

$ cd site
$ jekyll serve --watch --source site

Open http://localhost:4000 to view the site served by Jekyll.

Once satisfied, create a branch and open a pull request using the Daffodil project Code Conttributor Workflow but using the website repo instead of the code repo.

Pushing to the live site

Daffodil uses gitpubsub for publishing to the website. The static content served via apache must be served in the content directory on the asf-site orphan branch. Use the publish.sh script script exists to create this content:

$ ./publish.sh
$ git push asf asf-site