1.0 - 23.05.2018

This is our first Apache incubator release. Below are new features and bug fixes since the import to Apache.

New features / improvements

  • [CRAIL-22] New NVMf storage tier that does not depend on SPDK
  • [CRAIL-17] CrailBufferedStream: align access on underlying CoreStream
  • [CRAIL-11] Enable environment variable expansion in crail-site.conf
  • [CRAIL-10] Allow nodes in Crail to be non-enumerable.
  • [CRAIL-9] Allow Crail to use multiple cores if configured with NaRPC (RPC or Storage)

Bug fixes

  • [CRAIL-3] Directory index lost when writing
  • [CRAIL-4] getLong and getShort functions on the CrailBufferInputStream return double
  • [CRAIL-8] Make sure DataNodeInfo.key is invalidated on object updates