If you meet any problem or request a new feature, you're welcome to create an issue.

If you can solve any of the issues, you're welcome to send the PR to us.

Before the PR:

  • Make sure your code style conforms to google C++ coding style. Indentation is preferred to be 4 spaces.
  • The code appears where it should be. For example the code to support an extra protocol should not be put in general classes like server.cpp, channel.cpp, while a general modification would better not be hidden inside a very specific protocol.
  • Has unittests.

After the PR:

Chinese version


如果你可以解决某个issue, 欢迎发送PR。


  • 你的代码符合google C++代码规范。缩进最好为4个空格。
  • 代码出现的位置和其定位相符。比如对于某特定协议的扩展代码不该出现在server.cpp, channel.cpp这些较为通用的类中,而一些非常通用的改动也不该深藏在某个特定协议的cpp中。
  • 有对应的单测代码。