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baseURL = ""
title = "bRPC"
enableRobotsTXT = true
# Hugo allows theme composition (and inheritance). The precedence is from left to right.
theme = ["docsy"]
# Will give values to .Lastmod etc.
enableGitInfo = true
# Language settings
contentDir = "content/en"
defaultContentLanguage = "en"
defaultContentLanguageInSubdir = false
# Useful when translating.
enableMissingTranslationPlaceholders = true
disableKinds = ["taxonomy", "taxonomyTerm"]
# Highlighting config
pygmentsCodeFences = true
pygmentsUseClasses = false
# Use the new Chroma Go highlighter in Hugo.
pygmentsUseClassic = false
#pygmentsOptions = "linenos=table"
# See
pygmentsStyle = "tango"
# Configure how URLs look like per section.
#blog = "/:section/:year/:filename/"
## Configuration for BlackFriday markdown parser:
plainIDAnchors = true
hrefTargetBlank = true
angledQuotes = false
latexDashes = true
# Image processing configuration.
resampleFilter = "CatmullRom"
quality = 75
anchor = "smart"
# Comment out the next line to disable GA tracking. Also disables the feature described in [].
id = "UA-93485976-3"
# Language configuration
title = "bRPC"
description = "An industrial-grade RPC framework for building reliable and high-performance services."
languageName = "English"
time_format_blog = "Jan 2, 2006"
contentDir = "content/en"
# Weight used for sorting.
weight = 1
title = "bRPC"
description = "用于构建可靠和高性能服务的工业级RPC框架"
languageName = "中文"
contentDir = "content/zh"
time_format_default = "2006年1月2日"
time_format_blog = "2006年1月2日"
unsafe = true
# Everything below this are Site Params
copyright = "The Apache Software Foundation. Apache and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation."
qrcode = "*NyEzRp3Xq28AAAAAAAAAAABkARQnAQ"
#privacy_policy = ""
# First one is picked as the Twitter card image if not set on page.
# images = ["images/project-illustration.png"]
# Menu title if your navbar has a versions selector to access old versions of your site.
# This menu appears only if you have at least one [params.versions] set.
version_menu = "Releases"
# Repository configuration (URLs for in-page links to opening issues and suggesting changes)
github_repo = ""
# An optional link to a related project repo. For example, the sibling repository where your product code lives.
github_project_repo = ""
# Specify a value here if your content directory is not in your repo's root directory
# github_subdir = ""
# Google Custom Search Engine ID. Remove or comment out to disable search.
gcs_engine_id = "44e881350651564b6"
# Enable Algolia DocSearch
algolia_docsearch = true
builddrafts = true
# Enable Lunr.js offline search
offlineSearch = true
# User interface configuration
# Enable to show the side bar menu in its compact state.
sidebar_menu_compact = true
# Set to true to disable breadcrumb navigation.
breadcrumb_disable = false
# Set to true to hide the sidebar search box (the top nav search box will still be displayed if search is enabled)
sidebar_search_disable = false
# Set to false if you don't want to display a logo (/assets/icons/logo.svg) in the top nav bar
navbar_logo = true
# Set to true to disable the About link in the site footer
footer_about_disable = true
# Adds a H2 section titled "Feedback" to the bottom of each doc. The responses are sent to Google Analytics as events.
# This feature depends on [services.googleAnalytics] and will be disabled if "" is not set.
# If you want this feature, but occasionally need to remove the "Feedback" section from a single page,
# add "hide_feedback: true" to the page's front matter.
enable = false
# The responses that the user sees after clicking "yes" (the page was helpful) or "no" (the page was not helpful).
yes = 'Glad to hear it! Please <a href="">tell us how we can improve</a>.'
no = 'Sorry to hear that. Please <a href="">tell us how we can improve</a>.'
name = "GitHub"
weight = -99
url = ""
# Developer relevant links. These will show up on right side of footer and in the community page if you have one.
name = "GitHub"
url = ""
icon = "fab fa-github"
desc = "Development takes place here!"
changefreq = "daily"
filename = "sitemap.xml"
priority = 0.5