Apache brpc website

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brpc Website

The Website of brpc (http://brpc.apache.org) is using the apache.org template from Apache Website Template.

Note for PR

As this website is using the gitpubsub and we use Jekyll to generate the site. We choose master branch to hold all the site source change and asf-site for apache github website. Please sent your PR to the master branch instead of asf-site.

How to run the site locally

  • Install Ruby and Gem

    brew install ruby

  • Install Jekyll and Bundler

    sudo gem install jekyll bundler github-pages

  • Clone the site files

    git clone https://github.com/apache/incubator-brpc-website.git

  • cd incubator-brpc-website

  • Install the gems with bundle

    sudo bundle install

  • Start the jekyll server

    sudo bundle exec jekyll server

  • Start web browser to access http://localhost:4000

How to contribute

  • Checkout the master branch to get the source, run locally to generate html content
  • Modify and create pull request as usual
  • Switch to asf-site branch, copy the generated html content from master branch( They are under target directory), then create pull request for asf-site branch.
  • Wait for brpc.apache.org auto deploy works

Note that tested versions of the tools covered in this section are as following,
(I tested it on MacOS)

  • Ruby 2.6.3p62
  • Gem 3.0.3
  • Bundler 2.1.4