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The All Jar

You can grab a single JAR containing all of Brooklyn and its dependencies here:

Just download your preferred flavour and add it to your classpath.


You can checkout examples from, build them with maven (v3), and then run them with the demo*.sh scripts in the examples. This will take care of downloading Brooklyn and the dependencies.

A good entry point is the Simple Web Cluster.


If you use maven, you can add Brooklyn with the following entries in your pom:

{% highlight xml %} cloudsoft-releases libs-snapshot-local true never fail


{% endhighlight %}

Brooklyn-All (used above) brings in all dependencies, including jclouds and Apache Whirr. If you prefer a smaller repo you might want just brooklyn-core, brooklyn-policies, and some of brooklyn-{software-{webapp,database,messaging},systems-hadoop}. (Browse the full list here.)

TODO: we are moving to mavencentral so the repositories section will shortly be unnecessary

Source Code

Full source is at Information on working with the source is [here]({{ site.url }}/dev/code).

Alternatively you can download archives of the source directly: