Fix jboss7 serviceUp

Previously, serviceUp was never set to true, for two reasons:

1. because connectServiceUpIsRunning was not called, nothing was
   unsetting the service-not-up-indicator for SERVICE_PROCESS_IS_RUNNING

2. because the service-not-up-indicator for MANAGEMENT_URL_UP said
   suppressDuplicates=true, then it checked if the map was equal to
   the “old” map before publishing. But the map was the same object,
   and that object had been modified in-place. So the object was
   always equal to itself. It therefore never did an emit(), so the
   enricher that listened to it to set serviceUp never fired.
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Apache Brooklyn helps to model, deploy, and manage systems.

It supports blueprints in YAML or Java, and deploys them to many clouds and other target environments. It monitors those deployments, maintains a live model, and runs autonomic policies to maintain their health.

For more information see

To Build

The code can be built with a:

mvn clean install

This creates a build in usage/dist/target/brooklyn-dist. Run with bin/brooklyn launch.

The developer guide has more information about the source code.