Create custom vector tiles from OpenStreetMap and other data sources with Postgis and Java.

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Apache Baremaps (Incubating)

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Apache Baremaps is a toolkit and a set of infrastructure components for creating, publishing, and operating online maps. It provides a data pipeline enabling developers to build maps with different data sources with live reload capabilities. It provides other services commonly used in online maps, such as location search and IP to location.

🔥 Live Demo

Live Demo

📖 How do I use Apache Baremaps?

You can find the documentation on the project's website. The following pages showcase the main uses of Apache Baremaps.

  • The OpenStreetMap example is a good introduction to Baremaps, it shows how to produce high resolution vector tiles.
  • The NaturalEarth example shows how to produce low resolution vector tiles.
  • The Contour example shows how to produce contour lines from a digital elevation model.
  • The IP to location example shows how to create and serve an IP to location service in a simple web application.
  • The Geocoding example shows how to create and serve a geocoding service in a simple web application.

👩‍💻 How do I contribute?

There are many places where you can contribute to Apache Baremaps such as the code, the documentation, the website or the examples.

The official documentation is located in a separate repository.

If you want to contribute to the code you can refer to the following developer guides available in the documentation.

You can also contribute in the following ways.

  • Create an issue: Report a bug or feature request
  • Join the mailing list: Initiate or participate in project discussions on the mailing list
  • Write a post: Write a post to share your use cases and experiences with Apache Baremaps

Finally, check out CONTRIBUTING and CODE_OF_CONDUCT.

📄 License

This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details.