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~ "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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<div class="row detailsPage" data-ng-controller="DetailsController">
<div class="col-lg-12 padding0">
<ul class="breadcrumb">
<li><button class="btn btn-link" data-ng-click="goBack()"><i class="fa fa-arrow-left"></i> Back To Result</button> </li>
<div role="tabpanel" class="col-lg-12 padding0">
<div class="mB20">
<h4 ng-if="details.values && && != ''">
<b>Name:</b> <span class="black">{{}}</span></h2>
<h4 ng-if="details.values && details.values.description && details.values.description != ''"><b>Description:</b> <span class="black">{{details.values.description}}</span></h4>
<h4 data-disable="!tableName" data-select="onActivate('io')" id="lineageGraph" class="hide">
<span class="lineage">Lineage</span>
<ng-include data-table-type="io" src="'/modules/lineage/views/lineage_io.html'"/>
<tab heading="Details">
<table class="table table-bordered">
<tr data-ng-repeat="(key,value) in details.values" ng-if="value && !(key==='columns') && !(key==='name') && !(key==='description')">
<td data-ng-if="isObject(value) && isString(" class="pointer">
<a data-ui-sref="details({})">{{ }}</a>
<td data-ng-if="isObject(value) && isObject( && isString(" class="pointer"> <a data-ui-sref="details({})">{{ }}</a>
<td data-ng-if="isObject(value) && !isArray(value) && !isString( && !isObject(">
<span data-ng-repeat="(key2, value2) in value"> {{ key2 }} : {{ value2 }}<span ng-if="!$last">,</span></span>
<td data-ng-if="isArray(value) && !isString( && !isObject(">
<div data-ng-repeat="(key2, value2) in value">
<a class=" pointer" data-ng-if="isObject(value2) && isString(" data-ui-sref="details({})">{{ }}</a>
<div class="row pdLft15px" data-ng-repeat="(key1, value1) in value2">
<span ng-if="isObject(value1)">
<a class=" pointer" data-ng-if="isString(" data-ui-sref="details({})">{{ }}</a>
<td data-ng-if="isArray(value) && !isObject(value)" >
<div class="row" data-ng-repeat="(key1, value1) in value" ng-if="value1">
<div data-ng-if="isObject(value1)" data-ng-repeat="(key2, value2) in value1" >
<a data-ng-if="isString(value2) && key2 == 'id'" class="pointer pdLft15px" data-ui-sref="details({id:value2})">{{ value2 }}</a>
<td data-ng-if="!isArray(value) && isObject(value[0]) && isString(value[0].id) && key=='inputTables'" data-ng-click="goDetails(value[0].id)" class="pointer">
<div class="row" data-ng-repeat="(key1, value1) in value[0]" ng-if="value1">
<div class="col-md-6" data-ng-if="!isString(value1)" data-ng-repeat="(key2, value2) in value1 track by $index"></div>
<div data-ng-if="isString(value2)" data-ng-repeat="(key3, value3) in value2"> {{key3}}: {{value3}}</div>
<div class="col-md-6" data-ng-if="isString(value1)"> {{key1}} : {{value1 | date:'medium'}} UTC</div>
<td data-ng-if="isNumber(value)">{{value * 1000 | date:'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'}} UTC</td>
<td data-ng-if="isString(value)">{{value}}</td>
<tab data-heading="Schema" data-ng-if="isSchema">
<ng-include src="'/modules/details/views/schema.html'"/>
<tab data-heading="Tags" data-ng-if="isTags">
<ng-include src="'/modules/tags/instance/views/tags.html'"/>