ATLAS-395 UI : In details page maps not displayed for different data models(darshankuma89 via sumasai)
diff --git a/dashboard/public/modules/details/views/details.html b/dashboard/public/modules/details/views/details.html
index c84aeb2..37fcaad 100644
--- a/dashboard/public/modules/details/views/details.html
+++ b/dashboard/public/modules/details/views/details.html
@@ -50,7 +50,27 @@
                             <td data-ng-if="isObject(value) && isObject( && isString(" class="pointer">  <a data-ui-sref="details({})">{{ }}</a>
-                            <td data-ng-if="isArray(value)">
+                           <td data-ng-if="isObject(value) && !isArray(value) && !isString( && !isObject(">
+                                <span data-ng-repeat="(key2, value2) in value"> {{ key2 }} : {{ value2 }}<span ng-if="!$last">,</span></span>
+                            </td>
+                             <td data-ng-if="isArray(value) && !isString( && !isObject(">
+                                <div  data-ng-repeat="(key2, value2) in value">
+                                <a class=" pointer" data-ng-if="isObject(value2) && isString("   data-ui-sref="details({})">{{ }}</a>
+                                    <div class="row pdLft15px" data-ng-repeat="(key1, value1) in value2">
+                                    <span ng-if="isObject(value1)">
+                                        <a class=" pointer" data-ng-if="isString("   data-ui-sref="details({})">{{ }}</a>
+                                    </span> 
+                                    </div>
+                                </div>
+                            </td>
+                            <td data-ng-if="isArray(value) && !isObject(value)" >
                                 <div class="row" data-ng-repeat="(key1, value1) in value" ng-if="value1">
                                     <div data-ng-if="isObject(value1)" data-ng-repeat="(key2, value2) in value1" > 
                                         <a data-ng-if="isString(value2) && key2 == 'id'" class="pointer pdLft15px" data-ui-sref="details({id:value2})">{{ value2 }}</a> 
diff --git a/release-log.txt b/release-log.txt
index c1962d1..25f1f78 100644
--- a/release-log.txt
+++ b/release-log.txt
@@ -6,8 +6,10 @@
 ATLAS-58 Make hive hook reliable (shwethags)
 ATLAS-54 Rename configs in hive hook (shwethags)
 ATLAS-3 Mixed Index creation fails with Date types (sumasai via shwethags)
+ATLAS-47 Entity mutations for complex types (sumasai via shwethags)
+ATLAS-395 UI : In details page maps not displayed for different data models (darshankumar89 via sumasai)
 ATLAS-394 Fix BaseResourceIT.waitForNotification (shwethags via sumasai)
 ATLAS-385 Support for Lineage for entities with SuperType as DataSet (anilsg via sumasai)
 ATLAS-342 Atlas is sending an ENTITY_CREATE event to the ATLAS_ENTITIES topic even if the entity exists already (shwethags)
@@ -19,7 +21,6 @@
 ATLAS-376 UI: Use the Schema API of the backend to populate details for Schema tab (darshankumar89 via sumasai)
 ATLAS-380 Fix ATLAS source artifact generation (sumasai)
 ATLAS-354 Kerberized cluster: fails to add sample data (shwethags)
-ATLAS-47 Entity mutations for complex types (sumasai via shwethags)
 ATLAS-345 UI: Should allow tag addition on any search result that returns a reference-able entity (darshankumar89 via shwethags)
 ATLAS-279 UI not displaying results for certain successful "select" search queries (anilsg via shwethags)
 ATLAS-242 The qualified name for hive entities should be backward compatible (shwethags)