Apache Apisix

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Docker distribution for Apache APISIX

Docker images are not official ASF releases but provided for convenience. Recommended usage is always to build the source.

  1. install release version (Apache releases are beginning from version 0.9):
# Assign Apache release version number to variable `APISIX_VERSION`, for example: 1.2 . The latest version can be find at `https://github.com/apache/incubator-apisix/releases`

docker build -t apisix:${APISIX_VERSION}-alpine --build-arg APISIX_VERSION=${APISIX_VERSION} -f alpine/Dockerfile alpine
  1. install master branch version, which has latest code(ONLY for the developer's convenience):
docker build -t apisix:master-alpine -f alpine/Dockerfile alpine

Run etcd server

docker run -it --name etcd-server \
-v `pwd`/example/etcd_conf/etcd.conf.yml:/opt/bitnami/etcd/conf/etcd.conf.yml \
-p 2379:2379 \
-p 2380:2380  \
--env ALLOW_NONE_AUTHENTICATION=yes bitnami/etcd:3.3.13-r80


  1. windows OS use absolute paths to hang in the configuration file.
  2. e.g:windows dir path E:\GitHub\docker-apisix,configuration file hang path is -v /e/github/docker-apisix/example/etcd_conf/etcd.conf.yml:/opt/bitnami/etcd/conf/etcd.conf.yml

Run Apache APISIX server

You need etcd docker to work with Apache APISIX. You can refer to the docker-compose example.

Or you can run APISIX with Docker directly(Docker name is test-api-gateway):

docker run --name test-api-gateway \
-v `pwd`/example/apisix_conf/config.yaml:/usr/local/apisix/conf/config.yaml \
-v `pwd`/example/apisix_log:/usr/local/apisix/logs  \
-p 8080:9080 \
-p 8083:9443 \
-d apache/apisix


  1. mac OS not supports host network mode, so Linux is recommended.

  2. windows OS use absolute paths to hang in the configuration file and log dir.