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<title>Apache Annotator (incubating) demo</title>
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blockquote {
font-style: italic;
a[href^="#selector"]:before {
content: '📌';
font-size: 75%;
mark {
background-color: rgba(255, 255, 0, 0.5);
outline: 0.1px solid rgba(255, 100, 0, 0.8);
#parsed {
height: 15rem;
overflow: scroll;
<h1>Selector Demonstration</h1>
<p>This page demonstrates
<p>Linking to this page with a selector fragment causes the matching text to
be highlighted in the following paragraphs:
<blockquote id="corpus">
<p>Hello, annotated world!
<p>To annotate, or not to annotate, that is the question.
<p>Try some examples:
<a href="#selector(type=RangeSelector,startSelector=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=ann),endSelector=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=!))">RangeSelector</a>
(<a href="" target="_blank">spec</a>)
<a href="#selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=annotated%20world,refinedBy=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=tat))">Refining
a selector using another selector</a>
(<a href="" target="blank">spec</a>)
<li><a href="#selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=not)">Multiple matches</a> (but overlapping matches currently mess up the highlighter)
<li><a href="#selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=To%20annotate%2C%20or%20not%20to%20annotate%2C,refinedBy=selector(type=RangeSelector,startSelector=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=To%20annotate,refinedBy=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=annotate)),endSelector=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=not%20to%20annotate,refinedBy=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=%20to)),refinedBy=selector(type=TextQuoteSelector,exact=o)))">Any deeper nesting of the above</a>
<p>Below, the same paragraphs are presented again. Selecting some of the text
creates a
that matches the selection <em>unambiguously</em> within the context of
the paragraphs.
<blockquote id="selectable">
<p>Hello, annotated world!
<p>To annotate, or not to annotate, that is the question.
<p>Here is the selector in JSON format:
<pre><code id="parsed"></code></pre>
<script src="/demo.js"></script>