Apache Annotator (Incubating) Website

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Apache Annotator (incubating) Website

The site is currently in static HTML hosted out of the content/ directory.

Any pre-generated/rendered content or documentation should be added to additional folders in the root of this repo.


The asf-site branch gets published to an Apache HTTPD static hosting environment run by the Apache infrastructure team.

To update the demo, update the submodule (git submodule update --remote), rebuild (yarn build; in this repo, not inside the submodule), and commit the changes it made in content/.

To add documentation add Markdown to the docs/ folder. Further templating and build configuration of the docs/ content can be done in the .eleventy.js file (since it's built with 11ty.dev).



This website repository contains the main project repository as a git submodule, in order to build its demo without duplicating the code.

Run git submodule init && git submodule update --remote to pull in the submodule.

Run yarn install to install development dependencies.

Run yarn build to build the demo code and docs content (it will overwrite content/demo and content/docs).

Run yarn serve to build the demo and docs as well as serve and watch (with live reload on changes to the src/ directory only).


We also use the Milestones for this repo on GitHub to track our quarterly board reports.

Web site issues and PRs are still more than welcome, though!


Apache License 2.0 (obviously...:wink:)