1. 0163a10 IMPALA-9068: Use different directories for external vs managed warehouse by Joe McDonnell · 3 months ago master
  2. 3d10e8a IMPALA-9287: Skip test_kudu_table_create_without_hms in Hive3 by stiga-huang · 4 days ago
  3. 6a23ec6 IMPALA-6393: Add support for live_summary and live_progress in impalarc by wzhou-code · 2 weeks ago
  4. aa4c115 IMPALA-9312: Better error handling for run_clang_tidy.sh by Tim Armstrong · 5 days ago
  5. 2c429d6 IMPALA-6772: Bump ORC version to 1.6.2-p6 by stiga-huang · 5 days ago
  6. 0ae77f4 IMPALA-9303 Define now time for aarch64 by huangtianhua · 10 days ago
  7. 79aae23 IMPALA-9154: Make runtime filter propagation asynchronous by Fang-Yu Rao · 9 weeks ago
  8. 702e6c4 IMPALA-7984: Port runtime filter from Thrift RPC to KRPC by Fang-Yu Rao · 8 months ago
  9. 195bd76 IMPALA-4224: part 1: schedule join builds by Tim Armstrong · 5 weeks ago
  10. cfe6085 IMPALA-9158: Support loading primary key/foreign key constraints by Anurag Mantripragada · 6 weeks ago
  11. 023e92f IMPALA-9302: disable ineffective filters for mt_dop > 0 by Tim Armstrong · 10 days ago
  12. 7f7743d IMPALA-9296: Move AuxErrorInfo to StatefulStatus by Sahil Takiar · 11 days ago
  13. df13de7 IMPALA-9197: make HashTable lookups thread-safe by Tim Armstrong · 6 weeks ago
  14. dbc69e9 Update .gitignore with VSCode artifacts by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 10 days ago
  15. 63f5251 IMPALA-8801: Date type support for ORC scanner by Gabor Kaszab · 6 weeks ago
  16. 0936384 IMPALA-9010: Add builtin mask functions by stiga-huang · 5 weeks ago
  17. d666108 IMPALA-9009: Core support for Ranger column masking by stiga-huang · 7 weeks ago
  18. 47053cc IMPALA-9295: Read aux error info regardless of overall query status by Sahil Takiar · 13 days ago
  19. 482c769 IMPALA-9196: Dump jstack and collect logs when tests timeout by stiga-huang · 9 weeks ago
  20. d836246 IMPALA-9249: Fix ORC scanner crash when root type is not struct by Csaba Ringhofer · 13 days ago
  21. 0511b44 IMPALA-8046: Support CREATE TABLE from an ORC file by norbert.luksa · 6 weeks ago
  22. c359c55 IMPALA-8501: Fix race condition on port in RpcMgrTest by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 2 weeks ago
  23. 915e811 IMPALA-9262: De-flake TestBlacklist::test_kill_impalad_with_running_queries by Sahil Takiar · 3 weeks ago
  24. a36e2c9 IMPALA-9267: Fix DCHECK in ClientRequestState::UpdateNonErrorExecState by Sahil Takiar · 3 weeks ago
  25. 64828f8 IMPALA-9293: [DOCS] Impala Doc: Revise explanation of HDFS trashcan usage on S3 by Sahil Takiar · 13 days ago
  26. f437146 IMPALA-9222: Speed up show tables/DBs if the user has access to parent db/server by Csaba Ringhofer · 7 weeks ago
  27. d46f4a6 IMPALA-9101: Add support for detecting self-events on partition events by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 3 weeks ago
  28. 8f448cf IMPALA-9277: Catch exception thrown from orc::ColumnSelector::updateSelectedByTypeId by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 2 weeks ago
  29. 641e2ab IMPALA-4192: Move static state from DataSink into a DataSinkConfig by Bikramjeet Vig · 7 weeks ago
  30. 6e3d121 IMPALA-9035: Simplify casting string to timestamp. by xuzhou · 7 weeks ago
  31. 1bf9212 IMPALA-9274: cyclic barrier implementation by Tim Armstrong · 3 weeks ago
  32. 597285a IMPALA-9278 Fix error:expected primary-expression before ‘return’ by huangtianhua · 3 weeks ago
  33. 497a17d IMPALA-9266: Use custom cluster test case to replace by skyyws · 4 weeks ago
  34. 229317a IMPALA-8984: Fix race condition in creating Kudu table by skyyws · 4 months ago
  35. bb5000e IMPALA-9272: Fix PlannerTest.testHdfs depending on year(now()) by stiga-huang · 4 weeks ago
  36. 8afce97 IMPALA-9266: Fix test_log_fragments.py test case failed after add by skyyws · 4 weeks ago
  37. fa7d91f IMPALA-9241: Remove pid files on successful shutdown of minicluster by Joe McDonnell · 4 weeks ago
  38. 05dfb20 IMPALA-9195: Using multithreaded execution to accelerate 'show tables/databases' by xuzhou · 5 weeks ago
  39. 320f058 IMPALA-8974: Fixed a bug when create kudu managed table without HMS config by wangsheng · 4 months ago
  40. 112953c Add --impalad_args to single_node_perf_run.py by Tim Armstrong · 6 weeks ago
  41. 1b4ca58 IMPALA-9149: part 1: Re-enabe Ranger-related FE tests by Fang-Yu Rao · 3 months ago
  42. 8a4fece IMPALA-9137: Blacklist node if a DataStreamService RPC to the node fails by Sahil Takiar · 9 weeks ago
  43. ed5e7da IMPALA-9240: add HTTP code handling to THttpClient. by Andrew Sherman · 7 weeks ago
  44. e081e42 IMPALA-9231: support customized privilege checks for SHOW visibility by stiga-huang · 6 weeks ago
  45. 4d9d6b4 Fix bug in report_benchmark_results.py by Tim Armstrong · 6 weeks ago
  46. 14be8f6 IMPALA-7117: Lower debug level for HDFS S3 connector back to INFO by Sahil Takiar · 6 weeks ago
  47. 32829b9 IMPALA-9257: Last event id should be advanced if all events are skipped by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 6 weeks ago
  48. 094c23b IMPALA-9248: fix test_krpc_rpcz on older kernels by Tim Armstrong · 6 weeks ago
  49. 4c04e67 IMPALA-8891: Fix non-standard null handling in concat_ws() by jchen · 7 weeks ago
  50. f1c9f4c IMPALA-4192: Move static state from ExecNode into a PlanNode by Bikramjeet Vig · 2 months ago
  51. 6fb0d1e Fix handling of 'Connection' header in squeasel by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 6 weeks ago
  52. cd7454b [DOCS] Clarification on HADOOP-15720 in impala_known_issues.xml by Alex Rodoni · 6 weeks ago
  53. f2f348c IMPALA-7550: Add documentation to profile counters by Jiawei Wang · 8 weeks ago
  54. ee9823d [DOCS] Fixed typos and outdated terms in impala_proxy.xml by Alex Rodoni · 6 weeks ago
  55. 6ebea33 IMPALA-9092: Add support for creating external Kudu table by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 3 months ago
  56. 590da59 IMPALA-8706: ISO:SQL:2016 datetime patterns - Milestone 4 by Attila Jeges · 3 months ago
  57. 313d758 IMPALA-9235: add more per-connection stats to /rpcz by Tim Armstrong · 7 weeks ago
  58. c7d2af1 IMPALA-9122 : Ignore FileNotFoundException when loading a table by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 9 weeks ago
  59. acddf76 [DOCS] Impala is not optimized for the IN operator when accessing HBASE by Alex Rodoni · 7 weeks ago
  60. 6bfa86f IMPALA-6894: Use an internal representation of query states in ClientRequestState by Sahil Takiar · 3 months ago
  61. c5104d3 [DOCS] Copy edits in impala_conversion_functions.xml by Alex Rodoni · 7 weeks ago
  62. 4687885 [DOCS] Update impala_proxy.xml with the latest info by Alex Rodoni · 8 weeks ago
  63. d72fd9a IMPALA-9209: Fix flakiness in test_end_data_stream_error by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 7 weeks ago
  64. df5c406 IMPALA-9162: Do not apply inferred predicate to outer joins by Aman Sinha · 8 weeks ago
  65. 85425b8 IMPALA-9124: ImpalaServer and ClientRequestState refactoring by Sahil Takiar · 2 months ago
  66. 306b606 IMPALA-9207: [DOCS] Documented the #Inst in exec summary by Alex Rodoni · 7 weeks ago
  67. f608be7 IMPALA-9219: [DOCS] ISO-SQL 2016 Date/time format patters - Milestone 3 by Alex Rodoni · 7 weeks ago
  68. 4093975 Update mvn snapshot dependencies in "clean" checkouts by Csaba Ringhofer · 7 weeks ago
  69. f33a9d0 IMPALA-8184: Add timestamp validation to ORC scanner by Csaba Ringhofer · 8 weeks ago
  70. 85c9895 Update gitignore files by Tim Armstrong · 7 weeks ago
  71. 17e534e IMPALA-9126: part 4: hash join builder manages spilling by Tim Armstrong · 10 weeks ago
  72. a0e0307 IMPALA-9217: Adjust limits for TZH and TZM datetime tokens by Gabor Kaszab · 8 weeks ago
  73. 92aa2c1 IMPALA-9215: report_benchmark_results.py fails with missing key by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 8 weeks ago
  74. 30c7a6a IMPALA-8705: ISO:SQL:2016 datetime patterns - Milestone 3 by Gabor Kaszab · 3 months ago
  75. f9a52ca IMPALA-9211: Fix adding new table to stale db due to concurrent reset by stiga-huang · 8 weeks ago
  76. 85e138d IMPALA-9202: Fix flakiness in test_executor_groups by Bikramjeet Vig · 9 weeks ago
  77. 655ce20 IMPALA-9141: [DOCS] SQL:2016 date time patterns - Milestone 2 by Alex Rodoni · 2 months ago
  78. 69a9ac1 IMPALA-9151: Maintain cluster size in ExecutorMembershipSnapshot by Lars Volker · 3 months ago
  79. a1588e4 IMPALA-9181: Serialize TQueryCtx once per query by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 10 weeks ago
  80. 1dc729f IMPALA-9131: Use single quotes around FORMAT clause in CAST by Gabor Kaszab · 3 months ago
  81. b421741 IMPALA-9126: part 3: move more logic to PhjBuilder by Tim Armstrong · 2 months ago
  82. f998427 IMPALA-8138: Reintroduce rpc debugging options by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 3 months ago
  83. 7c4edbc IMPALA-9198: [DOCS] impala-shell works with tlsv1.2 only with python 2.7.9+ by Alex Rodoni · 9 weeks ago
  84. b571aa9 IMPALA-9126: part 2: no hash join probe structures in build by Tim Armstrong · 2 months ago
  85. baa35f2 IMPALA-8607: [DOCS] Additional copy edits in impala_shell_options.xml by Alex Rodoni · 9 weeks ago
  86. 74c7b7e IMPALA-8863: Add support to run tests over HTTP/HS2 by Lars Volker · 6 months ago
  87. bf031a2 IMPALA-6660: Change -0/+0 floating point to compare as equal in hash table by norbert.luksa · 3 months ago
  88. 7878203 IMPALA-8607: [DOCS] Document the new global level .impalarc file by Alex Rodoni · 9 weeks ago
  89. 8e33b84 IMPALA-9127: explicit probe state machine in hash join by Tim Armstrong · 3 months ago
  90. 2114fc6 IMPALA-4618: Fixing #Hosts and adding #Instances in exec summary by norbert.luksa · 2 months ago
  91. 0f2aa50 IMPALA-9146: Add a configurable limit for the size of broadcast input. by Aman Sinha · 3 months ago
  92. ddd07e1 IMPALA-8867: Further deflake test_auto_scaling by Lars Volker · 10 weeks ago
  93. ae24252 IMPALA-8065: Add OS distribution name in OSInfo by xiaomeng · 3 months ago
  94. cba6e34 IMPALA-9085: [DOCS] Refactored impala_s3.xml by Alex Rodoni · 3 months ago
  95. 1f792be IMPALA-9188: Composite primary keys should use same constraint name by Sahil Takiar · 9 weeks ago
  96. db69fe8 IMPALA-9157: Make helper function exec_local_command python 2.6 compatible by David Knupp · 9 weeks ago
  97. 4c09975 IMPALA-9165: Add back hard kill to kill-hbase.sh by Joe McDonnell · 9 weeks ago
  98. e716e76 IMPALA-9154: Revert "IMPALA-7984: Port runtime filter from Thrift RPC to KRPC" by Fang-Yu Rao · 9 weeks ago
  99. a862282 IMPALA-8709: Add Damerau-Levenshtein edit distance built-in function by norbert.luksa · 3 months ago
  100. 65198fa IMPALA-9110: Add table loading time break-down metrics for HdfsTable by Jiawei Wang · 3 months ago