1. c9f8d25 IMPALA-3335: Allow single-node optimization with joins by Sahil Takiar · 2 days ago master
  2. d613d4c IMPALA-10143: TestAcid.test_full_acid_original_files is flaky by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 10 hours ago
  3. 63bf92a IMPALA-10062: TestCompressedNonText.test_insensitivity_to_extension can fail due to wrong filename by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 2 days ago
  4. 28181cb IMPALA-9930 (part 1): Initial refactor for admission control service by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 4 weeks ago
  5. a973c77 Fix extra semicolon in LocalIcebergTable by Tim Armstrong · 32 hours ago
  6. aeeff53 IMPALA-10196: Remove LlvmCodeGen::CastPtrToLlvmPtr by Daniel Becker · 9 days ago
  7. 0e96ee8 IMPALA-9923: Load ORC files as full ACID only in workload 'functional-query' by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 3 days ago
  8. e53d649 IMPALA-9664: Support hive replication by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 3 weeks ago
  9. ee9904b IMPALA-10175: Extend error msg when CAST(FORMAT) fails for DATE by Gabor Kaszab · 13 days ago
  10. 5508be2 IMPALA-10112: Remove FpRateTooHigh() check for bloom filter by Riza Suminto · 8 days ago
  11. 5d9daf4 IMPALA-10078: Proper codegen for KuduPartitionExpr by Daniel Becker · 5 weeks ago
  12. c4277d8 IMPALA-10183: Fix hitting DCHECK when cancelling a query with result spooling by stiga-huang · 9 days ago
  13. d6442e0 IMPALA-10170: Data race on Webserver::UrlHandler::is_on_nav_bar_ by Sahil Takiar · 2 weeks ago
  14. 155ffd6 IMPALA-9046: Profile counter that indicates if a JVM pause occurred by Sahil Takiar · 4 weeks ago
  15. dcdbaf1 IMPALA-5022 part 1: Implement core functions of outer join simplification by xqhe · 10 days ago
  16. 462d918 IMPALA-10096: Use the original ordinal if the group by ordinal reference is a constant int by xqhe · 5 weeks ago
  17. 179b148 IMPALA-10074: Set impala-shell's default protocol to hs2 by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 7 weeks ago
  18. 6f9d951 IMPALA-10179: After join inversion inherit the left child's parallelism by Aman Sinha · 11 days ago
  19. 79b17db IMPALA-9382: part 1: transposed profile prototype by Tim Armstrong · 7 months ago
  20. 201eea6 IMPALA-10144 Add a statement of platforms that Impala runs on by huangtianhua · 4 weeks ago
  21. e038db4 IMPALA-10177: Generate test-classpath.txt by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 2 weeks ago
  22. 32bb425 IMPALA-9652: CTAS doesn't respect transactional properties by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 13 days ago
  23. 8e745a7 IMPALA-10076: Reduce partition level update logs by stiga-huang · 5 weeks ago
  24. 5dccf80 IMPALA-10171: Create query options for local time related flags by Csaba Ringhofer · 14 days ago
  25. 3ef7756 IMPALA-10051: impala-shell exits with ValueError with WITH clauses by Tamas Mate · 4 weeks ago
  26. b800f4a IMPALA-10157: analysis error for grouping_id() w/o group by by Tim Armstrong · 3 weeks ago
  27. 13f50ea IMPALA-9229: impala-shell 'profile' to show original and retried queries by Sahil Takiar · 3 months ago
  28. 7b55168 IMPALA-8291: Show constraints in DESCRIBE FORMATTED by Shant Hovsepian · 3 weeks ago
  29. 40777b7 IMPALA-9636: Don't run retried query on the blacklisted nodes by wzhou-code · 5 weeks ago
  30. 01316ad IMPALA-10154: Fix data race on coord_backend_id in TSAN build by wzhou-code · 3 weeks ago
  31. 3cc3484 [DOCS] Fix timezone related section in impala_timestamp.xml by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 3 weeks ago
  32. 1e1892e IMPALA-10167: Docs typo for DEFAULT_TRANSACTIONAL_TYPE by Shant Hovsepian · 2 weeks ago
  33. 7b44b35 IMPALA-9351: Fix tests depending on hard-coded file paths of managed tables by stiga-huang · 3 weeks ago
  34. 4bb7190 IMPALA-4065 Inline comparator calls into TopN::InsertBatch() by Qifan Chen · 5 weeks ago
  35. 7baa31e IMPALA-10093: Replace urllib with wget to download python deps by guojingfeng · 6 weeks ago
  36. 6ff3707 IMPALA-10090 Pull newest code of native-toolchain before build it by huangtianhua · 3 weeks ago
  37. f7dbd49 IMPALA-9740, IMPALA-9403: Fix remaining custom cluster TSAN errors by Sahil Takiar · 4 weeks ago
  38. 673111b IMPALA_10146: skip test_full_acid_schema_without_file_metadata_tag on non-HDFS file systems by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 4 weeks ago
  39. e8251bb IMPALA-10122 (Part 1): Deny access to views not authorized at creation by Fang-Yu Rao · 4 weeks ago
  40. efc627d IMPALA-10158: Set timezone to UTC for Iceberg-related E2E tests by Fang-Yu Rao · 3 weeks ago
  41. 0c89a9d IMPALA-10140: Fix CatalogExeception for creating database with sync_ddl as true by wzhou-code · 4 weeks ago
  42. 9f51673 IMPALA-10129 Data race in MemTracker::GetTopNQueriesAndUpdatePoolStats by Qifan Chen · 4 weeks ago
  43. 6aaea32 IMPALA-10090 Pull newest code of native-toolchain before build it by huangtianhua · 4 weeks ago
  44. fc51cd3 IMPALA-10052: Expose daemon health endpoint for statestore and catalog by Bikramjeet Vig · 8 weeks ago
  45. 1e63722 IMPALA-10124 admission-controller-test fails with no such file or by Qifan Chen · 4 weeks ago
  46. fb6d96e IMPALA-9741: Support querying Iceberg table by impala by skyyws · 3 months ago
  47. fe6e625 IMPALA-10012: ds_hll_sketch() results ascii codec decoding error fix by Adam Tamas · 9 weeks ago
  48. b7965d8 Revert "IMPALA-10012: ds_hll_sketch() results ascii codec decoding error fix" by Csaba Ringhofer · 4 weeks ago
  49. 75146c9 IMPALA-10012: ds_hll_sketch() results ascii codec decoding error fix by Adam Tamas · 9 weeks ago
  50. dc08b65 IMPALA-7658: Proper codegen for HiveUdfCall by Daniel Becker · 8 weeks ago
  51. 2359a1b IMPALA-10119: Fix impala-shell history duplication test by Tamas Mate · 4 weeks ago
  52. 99e5f5a IMPALA-10133:Implement ds_hll_stringify function. by Adam Tamas · 5 weeks ago
  53. 5e9f10d IMPALA-10064: Support constant propagation for eligible range predicates by Aman Sinha · 6 weeks ago
  54. f993654 IMPALA-10106: Upgrade DataSketches to version 2.1.0 by Adam Tamas · 5 weeks ago
  55. 502e113 IMPALA-10071: Impala shouldn't create filename starting with underscore during ACID TRUNCATE by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 4 weeks ago
  56. 4cb3c35 IMPALA-10108: Implement ds_kll_stringify function by Adam Tamas · 5 weeks ago
  57. 0098113 IMPALA-10090: Create aarch64 development environment on ubuntu 18.04 by zhaorenhai · 4 months ago
  58. 28b1542 IMPALA-10094: Skip test_refresh_updated_partitions on S3 by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 4 weeks ago
  59. 106dea6 IMPALA-10121: Generate JUnitXML for TSAN messages by Joe McDonnell · 4 weeks ago
  60. 329bb41 IMPALA-10115: Impala should check file schema as well to check full ACIDv2 files by Zoltan Borok-Nagy · 5 weeks ago
  61. 69d0d0a IMPALA-10087: IMPALA-6050 causes alluxio not to be supported by abeltian · 5 weeks ago
  62. f4273a4 IMPALA-7310: Partial fix for NDV cardinality with NULLs. by Shant Hovsepian · 6 weeks ago
  63. f85dbff IMPALA-10030: Remove unnecessary jar dependencies by Sahil Takiar · 9 weeks ago
  64. 1cdae46 IMPALA-10118: Update shaded-deps/hive-exec/pom.xml for GenericHiveLexer by Fang-Yu Rao · 4 weeks ago
  65. 827070b IMPALA-10099: Push down DISTINCT in Set operations by Shant Hovsepian · 6 weeks ago
  66. 578933f IMPALA-10065: Fix DCHECK when retrying a query in FINISHED state by stiga-huang · 6 weeks ago
  67. ea75e68 IMPALA-10110: bloom filter target fpp query option by Tim Armstrong · 5 weeks ago
  68. 5daff34 IMPALA-10073: Create shaded dependency for S3A and aws-java-sdk-bundle by Sahil Takiar · 7 weeks ago
  69. 2ef6184 IMPALA-9989 Improve admission control pool stats logging by Qifan Chen · 2 months ago
  70. 3733c4c IMPALA-10050: Fixed DCHECK error for backend in terminal state. by wzhou-code · 8 weeks ago
  71. 34668fa IMPALA-10092: Do not skip test vectors of Kudu tests in a custom cluster by Fang-Yu Rao · 6 weeks ago
  72. 568b339 IMPALA-10080: Skip loading HDFS cache pools for non-HDFS file systems by stiga-huang · 7 weeks ago
  73. 61dcc80 IMPALA-9225: Query option for retryable queries to spool all results before returning any to the client by stiga-huang · 7 weeks ago
  74. 0fcf846 IMPALA-10095: Include query plan tests for all of TPC-DS by Shant Hovsepian · 6 weeks ago
  75. c4d4a42 IMPALA-10060: Upgrade Postgres JDBC driver to 42.2.14 by Kevin Risden · 5 weeks ago
  76. 21c50f8 IMPALA-4364: [Addendum] Compare specific fields in StorageDescriptor by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 5 weeks ago
  77. 28d9485 IMPALA-10020: Implement ds_kll_cdf_as_string() function by Gabor Kaszab · 5 weeks ago
  78. a8a35ed IMPALA-10019: Implement ds_kll_pmf_as_string() function by Gabor Kaszab · 7 weeks ago
  79. e133d18 IMPALA-7782: fix constant NOT IN subqueries that can return 0 rows by Tim Armstrong · 7 weeks ago
  80. adf2c46 IMPALA-8547: get_json_object fails to get value for numeric key by Eugene Zimichev · 10 months ago
  81. b46ea76 IMPALA-10103: upgrade jquery to 3.5.1 by Tim Armstrong · 5 weeks ago
  82. 4106584 IMPALA-9962: Implement ds_kll_quantiles_as_string() function by Gabor Kaszab · 8 weeks ago
  83. e0a6e94 IMPALA-9955,IMPALA-9957: Fix not enough reservation for large pages in GroupingAggregator by stiga-huang · 9 weeks ago
  84. 2ebf554 IMPALA-7779 Parquet Scanner can write binary data into profile by Qifan Chen · 7 weeks ago
  85. 6390e7e IMPALA-9544 Replace Intel's SSE instructions with ARM's NEON instructions by zhaorenhai · 6 months ago
  86. 3f1b147 IMPALA-10034: Add remaining TPC-DS queries to workload. by Shant Hovsepian · 8 weeks ago
  87. d65cb05 IMPALA-7714: try to avoid be test crash in statestore by Tim Armstrong · 7 weeks ago
  88. cd52932 IMPALA-4364: Query option to refresh updated HMS partitions by Vihang Karajgaonkar · 8 weeks ago
  89. e068161 IMPALA-10039 (part 2): Fixed Expr-test crash due to race condition by wzhou-code · 8 weeks ago
  90. e63bf9d IMPALA-9988 (part 2): Integrate ldap filters and impala.doas.user by Thomas Tauber-Marshall · 9 weeks ago
  91. 6539c50 IMPALA-9982: Fix flakyness in test_dateless_timestamp_text by Adam Tamas · 7 weeks ago
  92. 05a6acb IMPALA-10077: Increase timeout for test_concurrent_invalidate_metadata by stiga-huang · 7 weeks ago
  93. 5fedf7b IMPALA-9744: Treat corrupt table stats as missing to avoid bad plans by Qifan Chen · 3 months ago
  94. 8addf43 IMPALA-9995 Fix test_alloc_fail failed case on aarch64 by zhaorenhai · 10 weeks ago
  95. c5d9016 IMPALA-9926 base64decode % will not return error when in newer OS by zhaorenhai · 3 months ago
  96. 1ef1278 IMPALA-9925 cast(pow(2, 31) as int) return 2147483647 on aarch64 by zhaorenhai · 3 months ago
  97. 6f2a1d0 IMPALA-9906 Fix thread-pool-test failed case on aarch64 by zhaorenhai · 3 months ago
  98. b8c6134 IMPALA-9904 Fix bad cipher test failed case on aarch64 by zhaorenhai · 3 months ago
  99. d45aac5 IMPALA-9676 Add aarch64 compile options for clang by zhaorenhai · 5 months ago
  100. 3e77650 IMPALA-10029: Strip debug symbols from libkudu_client and libstdc++ binaries by Sahil Takiar · 9 weeks ago