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<concept rev="3.1.0" id="topn_bytes_limit">
<title>TOPN_BYTES_LIMIT Query Option (<keyword keyref="impala31_full"/> or higher only)</title>
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<data name="Category" value="Impala"/>
<data name="Category" value="Impala Query Options"/>
<data name="Category" value="Querying"/>
<data name="Category" value="Developers"/>
<data name="Category" value="Data Analysts"/>
The <codeph>TOPN_BYTES_LIMIT</codeph> query option places a limit on the amount of
estimated memory that Impala can process for <i>top-N</i> queries.
<i>Top-N</i> queries are the queries that include both <codeph>ORDER BY</codeph> and
<codeph>LIMIT</codeph> clauses. <i>Top-N</i> queries don't spill to disk so they have to
keep all rows they process in memory, and those queries can cause out-of-memory issues
when running with a large limit and an offset. If the Impala planner estimates that a
<i>top-N</i> operator will process more bytes than the <codeph>TOPN_BYTES_LIMIT</codeph>
value, it will replace the <i>top-N</i> operator with the <i>sort</i> operator. Switching
to the <i>sort</i> operator allows Impala to spill to disk, thus requiring less memory
than <i>top-N</i>, but potentially with performance penalties.
The option has no effect when set to 0 or -1.
<codeblock>SET TOPN_BYTES_LIMIT=<varname>limit</varname></codeblock>
<b>Type:</b> Number
<b>Default:</b> 536870912 (512 MB)
<b>Added in:</b> <keyword keyref="impala31"/>