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<concept id="having">
<title>HAVING Clause</title>
<data name="Category" value="Impala"/>
<data name="Category" value="SQL"/>
<data name="Category" value="Querying"/>
<data name="Category" value="Aggregate Functions"/>
<data name="Category" value="Developers"/>
<data name="Category" value="Data Analysts"/>
Performs a filter operation on a <codeph>SELECT</codeph> query, by examining the results of aggregation
functions rather than testing each individual table row. Therefore, it is always used in conjunction with a
function such as <codeph><xref href="impala_count.xml#count">COUNT()</xref></codeph>,
<codeph><xref href="impala_sum.xml#sum">SUM()</xref></codeph>,
<codeph><xref href="impala_avg.xml#avg">AVG()</xref></codeph>,
<codeph><xref href="impala_min.xml#min">MIN()</xref></codeph>, or
<codeph><xref href="impala_max.xml#max">MAX()</xref></codeph>, and typically with the
<codeph><xref href="impala_group_by.xml#group_by">GROUP BY</xref></codeph> clause also.
<p conref="../shared/impala_common.xml#common/restrictions_blurb"/>
<p rev="2.0.0">
The filter expression in the <codeph>HAVING</codeph> clause cannot include a scalar subquery.
<p conref="../shared/impala_common.xml#common/related_info"/>
<xref href="impala_select.xml#select"/>,
<xref href="impala_group_by.xml#group_by"/>,
<xref href="impala_aggregate_functions.xml#aggregate_functions"/>