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Apache Ignite OSGi Integration Module
This module provides the bridging components to make Apache Ignite run seamlessly inside an OSGi container
like Apache Karaf. It provides a Bundle Activator to initialize Ignite, along with different classloaders
facilitate class resolution within an OSGi environment.
If using Ignite within Apache Karaf, please refer to the osgi-karaf and osgi-paxlogging modules too:
- osgi-karaf contains a feature repository to facilitate installing Ignite into a Karaf container.
- osgi-paxlogging contains an OSGi fragment required to make pax-logging-api expose certain log4j packages
required by ignite-log4j
Importing the ignite-osgi module in a Maven project
If you are using Maven to manage dependencies of your project, you can add the ignite-osgi module
dependency like this (replace '${ignite.version}' with actual Ignite version you are interested in):
<project xmlns=""