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Apache Ignite Direct IO Module

Apache Ignite Direct IO is plugin, which provides page store with ability to write and read cache partitions in O_DIRECT mode.

OS gets the data and stores it in a file buffer cache (Page Cache).

Similarly, for every write operation, the OS first writes the data in a cache and then transfers to the disk. To eliminate this process you can enable Direct I/O in which case the data is read and written directly from/to the disk bypassing the file buffer cache.

Direct I/O plugin in Ignite is used for the checkpointing process where the dirty pages in RAM are written to the disk.

Importing Direct I/O Pluging In Maven Project

If you are using Maven to manage dependencies of your project, you can add Direct IO Module dependency like this (replace ‘${ignite.version}’ with actual Ignite version you are interested in):

<project xmlns=""

Importing Direct I/O Pluging In Gradle Project

For gradle you can add compile dependency, where igniteVersion is actual Ignite version:

compile group: 'org.apache.ignite', name: 'ignite-direct-io', version: igniteVersion

Additional setup is not required. Once plugin is available in classpath, it will be used for Durable Memory IO.

See more information in Apache Ignite documentation: How to enable Direct IO

and description of internal desing can be found in Wiki: Under the hood: Direct IO