Thank you for submitting the pull request to the Apache Ignite.

In order to streamline the review of the contribution we ask you to ensure the following steps have been taken:

The Contribution Checklist

  • [ ] There is a single JIRA ticket related to the pull request.
  • [ ] The web-link to the pull request is attached to the JIRA ticket.
  • [ ] The JIRA ticket has the Patch Available state.
  • [ ] The pull request body describes changes that have been made. The description explains WHAT and WHY was made instead of HOW.
  • [ ] The pull request title is treated as the final commit message. The following pattern must be used: IGNITE-XXXX Change summary where XXXX - number of JIRA issue.
  • [ ] A reviewer has been mentioned through the JIRA comments (see the Maintainers list)
  • [ ] The pull request has been checked by the Teamcity Bot and the green visa attached to the JIRA ticket (see TC.Bot: Check PR)


If you need any help, please email or ask anу advice on #ignite channel.