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Apache Ignite Examples
This folder contains code examples for various Apache Ignite functionality.
Examples are shipped as a separate Maven project, so to start running you simply need
to import provided `pom.xml` file into your favourite IDE.
The examples folder contains he following subfolders:
- `config` - contains Ignite configuration files needed for examples.
- `memcached` - contains PHP script demonstrating how Ignite Cache can be accessed using Memcached client.
- `rest` - contains PHP script demonstrating how Ignite Cache can be accessed via HTTP API.
- `schema-import` - contains demo project for Apache Ignite Schema Import Utility. Refer to enclosed
README.txt file for more information on how to build and run the demo.
- `src/main/java` - contains Java examples for different Ignite modules and features.
- `src/main/java8` - contains additional set of Java examples utilizing Java 8 lambdas. These examples
are excluded by default, enable `java8` Maven profile to include them (JDK8 is required).
- `src/main/scala` - contains examples demonstrating usage of API provided by Scalar.
- `src/main/java-lgpl` - contains lgpl-based examples for different Ignite modules and features.
Starting Remote Nodes
Remote nodes for examples should always be started with special configuration file which enables P2P
class loading: `examples/config/example-ignite.xml`. To run a remote node in IDE use `ExampleNodeStartup` class.
Java7 vs Java8
Some examples (not all) which can benefit from Java8 Lambda support were re-written with Java8 lambdas.
For full set of examples, look at both Java7 and Java8 packages.
LGPL examples can be activated by turning lgpl profile on.
lgpl profile required some lgpl-based libs, for example: ignite-hibernate & ignite-schedule.
In case these libs can not be found by this maven project please download Apache Ignite sources
There are some ways to gain required libs from sources:
1) Run "mvn clean install -DskipTests -P lgpl" at Apache Ignite sources.
This case will install lgpl-based libs to local maven repository.
2) Run "mvn clean package -DskipTests -Prelease,lgpl -Dignite.edition=fabric-lgpl" at Apache Ignite sources.
Required libs will appear at /target/release-package/libs/optional subfolders.
Found libs should be copied to global or project's classpath.