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= Visor CMD
== Overview
Visor Command Line Interface (CMD) is a command-line tool for Ignite clusters monitoring. It provides basic statistics
about cluster nodes, caches, and compute tasks. It also lets you manage the size of your cluster by starting or stopping nodes.
=== Ignite Control Script
The link:tools/control-script[Control Script] is another command-line tool developed by the Ignite community.
It complements and expands capabilities of Visor CMD.
image::images/tools/visor-cmd.png[Visor CMD]
== Usage
Ignite ships the `IGNITE_HOME/bin/ignitevisorcmd.{sh|bat}` script that starts Visor CMD. To connect Visor CMD to a cluster,
use the `open` command.
The following commands are supported by Visor. To get full information on a command, type `help "cmd"` or `? "cmd"`.
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|Command | Alias | Description
| `ack`| | Acks arguments on all remote nodes.
| `alert`| | Alerts for user-defined events.
| `cache`| | Prints cache statistics, clears cache, prints list of all entries from cache.
| `close`| | Disconnects Visor CMD console from the cluster.
| `config`| | Prints nodes' configurations.
| `deploy`| | Copies file or folder to remote host.
| `disco`| | Prints topology change log.
| `events`| | Prints events from a node.
| `gc`| | Runs GC on remote nodes.
| `help`| `?`| Visor CMD's help.
| `kill`| | Kills or restarts a node.
| `log`| | Starts or stops the cluster-wide events logging.
| `mclear`| | Clears Visor CMD's memory variables.
| `mget`| | Gets Visor CMD' memory variables
| `mlist`| | Prints Visor CMD's memory variables.
| `node`| | Prints node's statistics.
| `open`| | Connects Visor CMD to the cluster.
| `ping`| | Pings a node.
| `quit`| | Close Visor CMD's connection.
| `start`| | Starts or restarts remote nodes.
| `status`| `!`| Prints detailed Visor CMD's status.
| `tasks`| | Prints tasks' execution statistics.
| `top`| | Prints the current cluster topology.
| `vvm`| | Opens VisualVM for nodes in the cluster.