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= Using GridGain Control Center With Apache Ignite
== Overview[GridGain Control Center, window=_blank] is a management and
monitoring tool designed for Apache Ignite that allows you to do the following:
* Monitor the state of the cluster with customizable dashboards.
* Define custom alerts to track and react on over 200 cluster, node, and storage metrics.
* Execute and optimize SQL queries as well as monitor already running commands.
* Perform OpenCensus-based root cause analysis with visual debugging of API calls as they execute on nodes across the cluster.
* Take full, incremental, and continuous cluster backups to enable disaster recovery in the event of data loss or corruption.
* And more...
image::images/tools/gg-control-center.png[GridGain Contro Center]
== Installation and Usage
Refer to the[official documentation of GridGain Control Center, window=_blank]
for detailed installation and usage instructions.