NodeJS Client for Apache Ignite


Node.js version 8 or higher is required. Either download the Node.js pre-built binary for the target platform, or install Node.js via package manager.

Once node and npm are installed, you can use one of the following installation options.

Installation via npm

Execute the following command to install the Node.js Thin Client package:

npm install -g apache-ignite-client

Installation from Sources

If you want to install the Thin Client library from Ignite sources, please follow the steps:

  1. Download Ignite sources to local_ignite_path
  2. Go to local_ignite_path/modules/platforms/nodejs folder
  3. Execute npm link command
  4. Execute npm link apache-ignite-client command (needed only for examples)
cd local_ignite_path/modules/platforms/nodejs
npm link
npm link apache-ignite-client #linking examples (optional)

For more information, see Apache Ignite Node.JS Thin Client documentation.