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<title>Apache Ignite - In-Memory Database and Caching Platform</title>
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<h2>REST API</h2>
Ignite REST API supports
external connectivity to Ignite via REST over HTTP. It comes in handy whenever Ignite Java API is not
available directly, but it is still needed to execute Ignite tasks or retrieve cached data. For example,
you can conveniently use Ignite REST API over HTTP from other non-JVM languages, such as Ruby, PHP or Python,
or any other language, whenever local instance of Ignite is not available.
Note that PHP REST example is included with Ignite distribution.
All REST HTTP commands have the following format: <code>;...</code>, where
<code>'cmd'</code> is the name of the command followed by other command parameters. Every command may have
different parameters, some of which may be mandatory and some optional. The commands parameters may be
passed either via HTTP GET or POST, whichever one is preferred.