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<h1>Apache IGNITE 2.9.1</h1>
<h2>Ignite Core:</h2><ul>
<li>Added support to graceful shutdown for ZookeeperDiscoverySpi</li>
<li>Added System view for binary metadata</li>
<li>Added System view for metastorage items</li>
<li>Added RebalancingPartitionsTotal metrics</li>
<li>Improved checkpoint concurrent behaviour</li>
<li>Fixed critical system error when unregister a JMX bean</li>
<li>Fixed IgniteCache#isClosed() returns false on server node even if the cache had been closed before</li>
<li>Fixed inability to eagerly remove expired cache entries</li>
<li>Fixed partial index rebuild issue in case indexed cache contains different datatypes</li>
<li>Fixed local metastorage system view error if unmarshallable values present</li>
<li>Fixed deadlock between grid-timeout-worker and a thread opening a communication connection</li>
<li>Fixed deadlock in IgniteServiceProcessor</li>
<li>Fixed issue when rebalance future might hang in no final state though all partitions are owned</li>
<li>Fixed issue when scan query fails with an assertion error: Unexpected row key</li>
<li>Fixed issue with archiving and enabled wal compaction setting on server restart</li>
<li>Fixed NPE during Cassandra Store initialization with PRIMITIVE strategy</li>
<li>Fixed synchronization problems when different classloaders are used for deployment of same class</li>
<li>Fixed exception on SQL caches when client reconnect</li>
<li>Fixed deadlock on multiple cache delete</li>
<li>Fixed NPE in IgniteServiceProcessor when destroying a cache</li>
<li>Fixed issue when DurableBackgroundTask can abandon incomplete task</li>
<li>Fixed issue related to cache interceptor deserialization on client nodes</li>
<li>Fixed issue when doesn't start if JMX port was set</li>
<li>Fixed issue when ZookeeperDiscoverySpiMBeanImpl#getCoordinator can return invalid node as coordinator</li>
<li>Fixed issue when valid blocking section in GridNioWorker and GridNioClientWorker leads to false positive blocking thread detection</li>
<li>Fixed several logging issues</li>
<li>Fixed issue when exchange worker, waiting for new task from queue, considered as blocked</li>
<li>Fixed incorrect topology snapshot logger output about coordinator change</li>
<li>Fixed slowdown during node initialization</li>
<li>Fixed incorrect usage of Class.isAssignableFrom in SystemViewLocal and SystemViewMBean classes</li>
<li>Fixed several concurrent metrics issues</li>
<li>Fixed issue related to incorrect work of predicates (< and >) in where clause with compound primary key</li>
<li>Removed unnecessary dependency to curator-client from and improved ZookeeperDiscoverySpi</li>
<li>Removed unnecessary failure trace in IgnitionEx</li>
<h2>Java thin-client:</h2><ul>
<li>Fixed issue when thin client connect/disconnect during topology update may lead to partition divergence in ignite-sys-cache</li>
<li>Fixed issue when thin client silently closes channel after inactivity</li>
<li>Fixed unsupported protocol version exception when getting cache configuration from Java thin client</li>
<li>Fixed thin driver reports incorrect property names</li>
<li>Updated JDBC metadata to match actual capabilities</li>
<h2>Ignite .NET:</h2><ul>
<li>Improved slow Enum serialization</li>
<li>Fixed issue when deserializing IBinaryObject containing an IBinaryObject field fails</li>
<li>Fixed issue TransactionImpl finalizer can crash the process</li>
<li>Fixed child processes become zombies when persistence is used with direct-io on Linux</li>
<h2>Ignite C++:</h2><ul>
<li>Added Windows support to CMake build system</li>
<li>Fixed issue when odbc-example loses values if run with 1 additional node</li>