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<h1>Apache IGNITE 2.8.1<h1>
<li>Fied vulnerability of using H2 admin rights for user SQL connections</li>
<h2>Ignite Core:</h2>
<li>Added cluster achieving fully rebalanced (PME-free ready) state metric</li>
<li>Added compute job system view</li>
<li>Added support long keys in DistributedMetaStorage</li>
<li>Added transaction operations metrics</li>
<li>Fixed ClassCastException in Thin Client</li>
<li>Fixed IllegalArgumentException on activation of LogExporterSpi</li>
<li>Fixed JDBC thin client SELECT hanging under 2.8.0</li>
<li>Fixed Java thin client: Wrong typeId generation for system types</li>
<li>Fixed MERGE INTO query failing on Ignite client node</li>
<li>Fixed MetricRegistryMBean and OpenCensusExporterSpi memory leak</li>
<li>Fixed MetricRegistryMBean nit showing histogram values when histogram name contains underscore</li>
<li>Fixed MetricRegistryMBean thread safety</li>
<li>Fixed NullPointerException while initializing Cassandra Store</li>
<li>Fixed NullPointerException thrown by ExchangeLatchManager during cache creation</li>
<li>Fixed SQL: H2Connection leaking on INSERT</li>
<li>Fixed SQL: KILL QUERY command hanging on query when query cursor is held by user or leak</li>
<li>Fixed SQL: Potential race on MapResult close</li>
<li>Fixed SQL: Query reduce can failing with NPE on retry</li>
<li>Fixed SQL: Local queries cursors must be closed or full read to unlock the GridH2Table</li>
<li>Fixed TcpCommunicationSpi metrics implementation</li>
<li>Fixed Thin client thread not stopping</li>
<li>Fixed affinity cache for version of last server event being wiped from history</li>
<li>Fixed all binary types being registered twice</li>
<li>Fixed empty cluster failing if wal segment size small</li>
<li>Fixed cache stopping on supplier during rebalance causing NPE and supplying failure</li>
<li>Fixed not being able to set serialized enum to a BinaryObject's field</li>
<li>Fixed cluster failing to find the node by consistent ID</li>
<li>Fixed cluster restart leading to cluster activation error</li>
<li>Fixed continuously generating thread dumps in failure processor slowing down the whole system</li>
<li>Fixed destroy of big cache which is not only cache in cache group causing IgniteOOME</li>
<li>Fixed dynamic SQL index recreation after cache clear resulting in AssertionError or JVM crash</li>
<li>Fixed contention on ConcurrentHashMap.size()</li>
<li>Fixed consistency issues for atomic and mixed tx-atomic cache groups</li>
<li>Fixed getting SecurityContext from GridSecurityProcessor</li>
<li>Fixed h2Tree going into illegal state when non-indexed columns are dropped</li>
<li>Fixed historical (WAL) rebalance starting on cleared partition if some baseline node leaves the cluster and then rejoins</li>
<li>Fixed igniteQueue.removeAll throwing NPE</li>
<li>Fixed ignitevisorcmd not connecting to cluster</li>
<li>Fixed inconsistency between cache data and indexes when cache operation is interrupted</li>
<li>Fixed incorrect rewriting of wal record type in marshalled mode during iteration</li>
<li>Fixed intermittent [Failed to notify direct custom event listener] exception on node shutdown</li>
<li>Fixed dynamically setting used cache for Spring Data</li>
<li>Fixed logging exceptions inside IgniteSecurityProcessor#withContext(java.util.UUID)</li>
<li>Fixed long exchange on deactivation process</li>
<li>Fixed memory leak on unstable topology caused by partition reservation</li>
<li>Fixed metric exporter implementation issue leading to NullPointerException from gauge which invokes communication</li>
<li>Fixed node failing after get operation when entries from the cache expired concurrently</li>
<li>Fixed node failing after putting incorrect key class for indexed type to transactional cache</li>
<li>Fixed node leaving causing NullPointerException during IO message processing if security is enabled</li>
<li>Fixed node stopping on type mismatch error between index type and type of value from searched row</li>
<li>Fixed non-comparable keys for eviction policy causing failure handle and node shutdown</li>
<li>Fixed pages leak suspicion in PDS</li>
<li>Fixed partition desync if a partition is evicted then owned again and historically rebalanced</li>
<li>Fixed possible extra page release when throttling and checkpoint thread store it concurrently</li>
<li>Fixed possible tx desync during recovery on near node left</li>
<li>Fixed partitions owned by other nodes switching their state to MOVING due to counter difference on node join</li>
<li>Fixed Spring Data query annotations not working if statement keywords are in lower case</li>
<li>Fixed remote thin client operations not being authorized correctly</li>
<li>Fixed scan query shutting down the node in some cases</li>
<li>Fixed scan query/iterator on a replicated cache getting wrong results</li>
<li>Fixed searching checkpoint record in WAL not working with segment compaction</li>
<li>Fixed some of rentingFutures in GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl accumulating a huge number of eviction callbacks</li>
<li>Fixed cache#putAllAsync method not collecting statistics</li>
<li>Fixed thin JDBC streaming failing with BatchUpdateException if function is used</li>
<li>Fixed page difference output throttling in PageMemoryTracker</li>
<li>Fixed transaction hanging after too many open files NIO exception</li>
<li>Fixed update of partition states becoming stuck when rebalance completed during exchange</li>
<li>Fixed zookeeper discovery not working due to missed dependency</li>
<h2>Ignite .Net:</h2>
<li>Fixed services failing to call method with DateTime or Guid argument</li>
<li>Fixed NullReferenceException when serializing fields of the same type in different order</li>