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0) In case you're on Windows, please install WSL
See for details
Perform all operations in bash console! (type "bash" at windows console)
1) Software required to perform release:
- Maven 3.x
- Java 8.x
- Svn command line client
- Git command line client
Don't forget to configure username and email
git config --global "John Doe"
git config --global
- GPG (already installed at most of *Nix)
In case you're on Windows, please make sure all listed software installed under WSL.
Type "bash" in Windows console and check each one. Use following commands to check:
java -version
git --version
svn --version
mvn -version
gpg --version
and use 'apt install ...' to install anything missing
2) Configuration required to perform release:
- Create/Import your pgp secret key.
In case you have no pgp key, please follow instructions from
Don't forget to add your public pgp key here to is a svn repository and can be updated using your apache credentials.
Append you key using commands:
gpg --list-sigs <keyname> >> KEYS
gpg --armor --export <keyname> >> KEYS
- Configure maven settings.xml (
usually in /usr/share/maven/conf/ on Ubuntu;
on other platforms, you can use one from the following commands
mvn --version
type mvn
to locate where maven settings are located):
Add following and fill <username>, <password> and <gpg.*>
<username>*</username> <!-- your apache username -->
<password>*</password> <!-- your apache password -->
<gpg.keyname>*</gpg.keyname> <!-- pgp keyname, eg. E38286D5 -->
<gpg.passphrase>*</gpg.passphrase> <!-- pgp passphrase -->
3) Perform Vote steps and start Vote.
Run all vote*.sh scripts
Scripts are independent of each other and can be run in parallel, except *X_step_Y*.sh
NOTE: some scripts may require sudo permissions, so you will be asked for sudo password
3.1) Perform Release Verification and send Release For Vote
See for details
4) Once Vote accepted, perform Release steps.
Run all release*.sh scripts
Scripts are independent of each other and can be run in parallel, except *X_step_Y*.sh
4.1) Close Vote
See for details
Don't forget about Post-release steps
See also
for more information.