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#!/usr/bin/env bash
chmod +x
. ./
echo "Releasing ${ignite_version}${rc_name}"
rm -r fabric
unzip svn/vote/apache-ignite-fabric-* -d fabric
echo "Uploading to svn ..."
#uncomment subsequent line in case you want to remove incorrectly released vote
#svn rm -m "Removing redundant Release"$ignite_version || true
svn import fabric/apache-ignite-fabric-$ignite_version-bin/docs$ignite_version -m "new Release ($ignite_version)"
svn import fabric/apache-ignite-fabric-$ignite_version-bin/platforms/cpp/docs$ignite_version/cppdoc -m "new Release (${ignite_version})"
svn import fabric/apache-ignite-fabric-$ignite_version-bin/platforms/dotnet/docs$ignite_version/dotnetdoc -m "new Release (${ignite_version})"
echo " "
echo "======================================================"
echo "Documentation should be uploaded to site repository"
echo "Please check results at"
echo ""