This directory contains the following example files:

  • async_key_value - asynchronous key-value operations,
  • async_sql - asynchronous SQL operations,
  • binary_basics.py − basic operations with Complex objects,
  • create_binary.py − create SQL row with key-value operation,
  • expiry_policy.py - the expiration policy for caches for synchronous and asynchronous operations is demonstrated,
  • failover.py − fail-over connection to Ignite cluster,
  • get_and_put.py − basic key-value operations,
  • get_and_put_complex.py − key-value operations with different value and key types,
  • migrate_binary.py − work with Complex object schemas,
  • read_binary.py − creates caches and fills them with data through SQL queries, demonstrates working with binary objects,
  • scans.py − cache scan operation,
  • sql.py − use Ignite SQL,
  • type_hints.py − type hints.

For the explanation of the examples please refer to the Examples of usage section of the pyignite documentation.

You can start Apache Ignite locally for running examples using docker and docker-compose

cd ./examples
docker-compose up