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Apache Ignite Client Spring Boot Autoconfigure Module
Apache Ignite Client Spring Boot Autoconfigure module provides autoconfiguration capabilities for Spring-boot based applications.
This module provides the ability to integrate `IgniteClient` into you spring-boot application with zero(or minimal) configuration.
After you add this module as a dependency to your spring-boot application
`IgniteClient` will be configured and injected into `BeanFactory`.
Algorithm to configure `Ignite` is the following:
1. If `ClientConfiguration` bean exists in the `BeanFactory` it will be used.
2. If `ClientConfiguration` bean doesn't exist following rules are applied:
2.1. Default `ClientConfiguration` configuration created.
2.2. If `IgniteClientConfigurer` bean exists in `BeanFactory` it will be used to customize `ClientConfiguration`.
2.3 Application properties applied to `ClientConfiguration`. Prefix for the properties is `ignite-client`.
Importing Spring Boot Autoconfigure Module In Maven Project
If you are using Maven to manage dependencies of your project, you can add Spring module
dependency like this (replace '${ignite.version}' with actual Ignite version you are
interested in):
<project xmlns=""