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NOTE: This is the name of the Maven Central _staging_ repository to upload prepared artifacts to.
The repository is inherited from the Apache Ignite main project (see the 'ignite-parent' module)
through the maven parent-child relationship. Use your ASF credentials.
(!) DO NOT use you password directly, see Maven Password Encryption guide:
NOTE: This profile is optional. If you have a single [ultimate] pgp key installed it
will be used to sign the prepared maven artifacts, sources and binary archives.
In case you have no pgp key, please follow instructions from the following link:
You should add your newly created public pgp key to the Apache Ignite KEYS file
(see located in the svn
repository. You can update the file using your ASF credentials.
Append you key using the commands below.
(see Exporting a Public Key
`gpg -k E38286D5 >> KEYS`
`gpg -armor -export E38286D5 >> KEYS`
<!-- You can find your gpg key using the gpg list-keys command: `gpg -k` -->
<!-- Don't use the passphrase to your gpg key in any settings file. It will be prompted at the command run. -->