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<!-- Hi, I'm a flood config file. -->
<!-- A urllist describes which hosts and which methods we want to hit. -->
<name>Test Hosts</name>
<description>A bunch of hosts we want to hit</description>
<!-- Search for httpd-2.0 commit access. -->
<url method="POST" payload="method=and&amp;format=builtin-long&amp;sort=score&amp;config=htdig&amp;restrict=&amp;exclude=&amp;words=httpd-2.0+commit+access" responsetemplate="&lt;a href=&quot;([^&quot;]*)&quot;&gt;" responsename="id"></url>
<url method="GET" requesttemplate="${id}" responsetemplate="Prev&lt;/A&gt; &lt;A HREF=&quot;([^&quot;]*)&quot;&gt;" responsename="next" />
<url method="GET" requestparamcount="1" requesttemplate="${next}" />
<!-- Search for "foo" and go to the first search result.
<url method="GET" responsetemplate="&lt;A HREF=http://([^&quot;]*)&quot;" responsename="foo"></url>
<url method="GET" requestparamcount="1" requesttemplate="http://${foo}" />
<!-- The profile describes how we will hit the urllists.
Round robin runs all of the URLs in the urllist in order once. -->
<description>Round Robin Configuration</description>
<useurllist>Test Hosts</useurllist>
<!-- Profile Events -->
<!-- Verification Events -->
<!-- Reporting Events -->
<!-- A farmer runs one profile a certain number of times. -->
<!-- run the Joe farmer 5 times -->
<!-- Joe uses this profile -->
<!-- A farm contains a bunch of farmers - each farmer is a thread. -->
<usefarmer count="1">Joe</usefarmer>
<!-- Set the seed to a known value so we can reproduce the same tests -->