Apache HBase

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  1. b35cf8f HBASE-16225 Refactor ScanQueryMatcher by zhangduo · 11 months ago master
  2. 7836124 HBASE-16296 Reverse scan performance degrades when using filter lists (Ted Yu) by Andrew Purtell · 11 months ago
  3. aa0235f HBASE-16288 HFile intermediate block level indexes might recurse forever creating multi TB files by Enis Soztutar · 11 months ago
  4. 2c5a0fc HBASE-14881 Provide a Put API that uses the provided row without coping by Ramkrishna · 11 months ago
  5. 7e6f5627 HBASE-16234 Expect and handle nulls when assigning replicas(Yi Liang) by chenheng · 11 months ago
  6. 69d1700 HBASE-16181 Fix AssignmentManager MBean name (Reid Chan) by stack · 11 months ago
  7. c29024c HBASE-16256 Purpose of EnvironmentEdge, EnvironmentEdgeManager (Sai Teja Ranuva) by stack · 11 months ago
  8. 3729320 HBASE-16209 Removed unnecessary method and method calls from AssignmentManager and AssignmentManager UI (addendum) by Joseph Hwang · 11 months ago
  9. 26c0426 HBASE-15656 Fix unused protobuf warning in Admin.proto (Yi Liang) by stack · 11 months ago
  10. ff7d008 HBASE-16306 Add specific imports to avoid namespace clash in defaultSource.scala (Sai Teja Ranuva) by stack · 11 months ago
  11. fe44383 HBASE-16209 provide an ExponentialBackOffPolicy sleep between failed region open requests by Joseph Hwang · 11 months ago
  12. 2b1cbeb HBASE-16300 LruBlockCache.CACHE_FIXED_OVERHEAD should calculate LruBlockCache size correctly by Yu Sun · 11 months ago
  13. ab9df0a HBASE-16289 AsyncProcess stuck messages need to print region/server by Yu Li · 11 months ago
  14. 66fb697 HBASE-16275 Change ServerManager#onlineServers from ConcurrentHashMap to ConcurrentSkipListMap (Huaxiang Sun) by Matteo Bertozzi · 11 months ago
  15. 64804a0 HBASE-16293 TestSnapshotFromMaster#testSnapshotHFileArchiving flakey (Huaxiang Sun) by Matteo Bertozzi · 11 months ago
  16. 00c2a5d HBASE-16286 When TagRewriteCell are not copied to MSLAB, deep clone it while adding to Memstore. by anoopsjohn · 11 months ago
  17. bcf409e HBASE-16280 Use hash based map in SequenceIdAccounting by zhangduo · 11 months ago
  18. 0da8119 HBASE-16281 TestMasterReplication is flaky by Phil Yang · 11 months ago
  19. abfd584 HBASE-14743 Add metrics around HeapMemoryManager. (Reid Chan) by Reid Chan · 11 months ago
  20. eff38cc Revert HBASE-14743 because of wrong attribution. Since I added commit message to the raw patch, it's making me as author instead of Reid. I should have used --author flag to set Reid as author. by Apekshit Sharma · 11 months ago