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$PostgreSQL: pgsql/doc/src/sgml/ref/load.sgml,v 1.25 2008/11/14 10:22:47 petere Exp $
<refentry id="SQL-LOAD">
<refentrytitle id="SQL-LOAD-TITLE">LOAD</refentrytitle>
<refmiscinfo>SQL - Language Statements</refmiscinfo>
<refpurpose>load or reload a shared library file</refpurpose>
<indexterm zone="sql-load">
LOAD '<replaceable class="PARAMETER">filename</replaceable>'
<refsect1 id="sql-load-description">
This command loads a shared library file into the <productname>PostgreSQL</>
server's address space. If the file had been loaded previously,
it is first unloaded. This command is primarily useful to unload
and reload a shared library file that has been changed since the
server first loaded it. To make use of the shared library,
function(s) in it need to be declared using the <xref
linkend="sql-createfunction" endterm="sql-createfunction-title">
The file name is specified in the same way as for shared library
names in <xref linkend="sql-createfunction" endterm="sql-createfunction-title">; in particular, one
can rely on a search path and automatic addition of the system's standard
shared library file name extension. See <xref linkend="xfunc-c"> for
more information on this topic.
Non-superusers can only apply <command>LOAD</> to library files
located in <filename>$libdir/plugins/</> &mdash; the specified
<replaceable class="PARAMETER">filename</replaceable> must begin
with exactly that string. (It is the database administrator's
responsibility to ensure that only <quote>safe</> libraries
are installed there.)
<refsect1 id="sql-load-compat">
<command>LOAD</command> is a <productname>PostgreSQL</productname>
<title>See Also</title>
<xref linkend="sql-createfunction" endterm="sql-createfunction-title">