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Build HAWQ rpm package tarball steps:
1. Prepare a HAWQ source code tarball for rpm building.
a) Make sure the source code tarball name format is:
b) Make sure the extracted directory name format is:
c) Put the HAWQ source tarball to %{top_dir}/contrib/hawq-package folder.
Or use "HAWQ_SOURCE_TARBALL_PATH" to specify the find path of HAWQ source tarball.
2. Install build dependencies of HAWQ, following instruction at:
3. Run 'make distclean' and './configure'.
4. Run 'make rpm' in the top directory of the source code.
You can set environment variable "HAWQ_RELEASE_VERSION" to specify HAWQ version.
5. You can find HAWQ/PXF/Ranger-plugin rpms tarball as: