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Apache HAWQ (incubating) End-User Documentation

This repository provides the full source for Apache HAWQ (incubating) end-user documentation in MarkDown format. You can build the source files into HTML by using Bookbinder or other MarkDown tools.

Bookbinder is a Ruby gem that binds together a unified documentation web application from markdown, html, and/or DITA source material. The source material for bookbinder must be stored either in local directories or in GitHub repositories. Bookbinder runs middleman to produce a Rackup app that can be deployed locally or as a Web application.

This document contains instructions for building the local Apache HAWQ (incubating) documentation. It contains the sections:

Bookbinder Usage

Bookbinder is meant to be used from within a project called a book. The book includes a configuration file that describes which documentation repositories to use as source materials. Bookbinder provides a set of scripts to aggregate those repositories and publish them to various locations in your final web application.

For Apache HAWQ (incubating), a preconfigured book is provided in the /book directory of this repo. You can use this configuration to build the HTML for HAWQ on your local system.


  • Ruby version 2.3.0 or higher.
  • Ruby bundler installed for gem package management.

Building the Documentation

  1. Change to the book directory of this repo.

  2. Install bookbinder and its dependent gems. Make sure you are in the book directory and enter:

    $ bundle install
  3. The installed config.yml file configures the book for building from your local HAWQ source files. Build the output HTML files by executing the command:

    $ bundle exec bookbinder bind local

    Bookbinder converts the XML source into HTML, and puts the final output in the final_app directory.

  4. The final_app directory stages the HTML into a web application that you can view using the rack gem. To view the documentation build:

    $ cd final_app
    $ bundle install
    $ rackup

    Your local documentation is now available for viewing athttp://localhost:9292

Getting More Information

Bookbinder provides additional functionality to construct books from multiple Github repos, to perform variable substitution, and also to automatically build documentation in a continuous integration pipeline. For more information, see https://github.com/cloudfoundry-incubator/bookbinder.