Apache Harmony

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  1. 02970cb Apply patch from HARMONY-6685 "SHA1PRNG produces less optimal" by Mark Hindess · 8 years ago trunk
  2. 1de8c63 Fix regression introduced in pack200 in 996801 by Sian January · 8 years ago
  3. 7159e32 Fix help text. Dependencies now downloaded straight to target. by Tim Ellison · 8 years ago
  4. 859cf5b Apply patch and test case for HARMONY-6419 ([classlib][luni] Changes to IdentityHashMap entrySet doesn't reflect underlying map) by Tim Ellison · 8 years ago
  5. 7151564 Update to Xerces 2.11.0 by Tim Ellison · 8 years ago
  6. efa7a01 Apply another fix for HARMONY-6661: Synchonrize on mutable field in Permissions.java readObject() is only reachable by one thread, so remove unnecessary synchronized block by Lei Chen · 8 years ago
  7. 977886d Improve patch for HARMONY-6675 at r1035930: remove field 'isEnable' and mark more fileds as 'final'. by Xu Rui Zhi · 8 years ago
  8. 0be13e5 Fix for HARMONY-6675: Reducing timeout value in CanonicalPatchCache to fix a file not found error in Hadoop common by Xu Rui Zhi · 9 years ago
  9. 4189199 Fix for HARMONY-6367 ([classlib] Some Methods doesn't have security Permissions check as compared to SUN JDK) by Tim Ellison · 9 years ago
  10. 6372479 Add java.nio.channels.spi.SelectorProvider metadata - that has existed by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  11. 357b893 Adding native code that for some reason has been missing since the code by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  12. 6327681 Remove directory that was created (inadvertently?) in commit r1022963: by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  13. 2c26135 Refactor test properties. by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  14. d41bb9d Add top-level findbugs target. by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  15. 2349b60 Fix setup target to leave dependencies. by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  16. eca64c8 Another attempt to fix the depends download problem. by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  17. c7acd22 junit.jar download works for me (and others I've spoken to) but I'd like by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago
  18. f76b4d2 Add fix to allow overriding of the Timestamp class to create an immutable class, by removing a call to a public method in the Timestamp constructor. Regression testcase included. by Dr Catherine Victoria Hope · 9 years ago
  19. 3da0401 Archive tests - change some assertTrues to assertEquals where more appropriate by Sian January · 9 years ago
  20. ef6fa48 Fix clean. by Mark Hindess · 9 years ago