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Author: Nadezhda Morozova
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<title>Documentation Conventions</title>
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<h1><a name="Notation_Conventions">Documentation Conventions</a></h1>
<P> The Harmony documentation set uses the following conventions. </P>
<table border=1 width="100%">
<td class="TableHeading">Convention </td>
<td class="TableHeading"> Explanation&nbsp;</td>
<td class="TableHeading">Example</td>
<td rowspan="5"><code>monospace</code> </td>
<td class="TableCell"> Filenames</td>
<td><code> ippsapi.h</code></td></tr>
<td class="TableCell"> Directory names and pathnames </td>
<td><code> \alt\include</code></td>
<td class="TableCell"> Commands and command-line options</td> <td><code> ecl
<td class="TableCell"> Function names, methods, classes, data structures in
running text </td>
<td class="TableCell">Use the <code> okCreateObjs </code> function to ...</td>
<td class="TableCell"> Parameters or other placeholders &nbsp;</td>
<td><code>ippiMalloc(int widthPixels, ...)<br>
int* pStepBytes</code></td>
<td class="TableCell"><code><b> monospace bold&nbsp; </b></code></td>
<td class="TableCell"> User input </td>
<td class="TableCell"><code> [c:] <b> dir</b></code></td>
<td class="TableCell"><i>italics </i></td>
<td class="TableCell"> Emphasis; introducing or defining terms</td>
<td class="TableCell"> The term <i> access</i> takes as its subject ... </td>
<td class="TableCell"> [ ]</td>
<td class="TableCell"> Optional items</td>
<td class="TableCell"><code> -Fa[c]</code> Indicates these command-line
options: <code> -Fa</code> and <code> -Fac</code></td>
<td class="TableCell"> { | } </td>
<td class="TableCell"> Choice of one item from a selection of two or more
items. </td>
<td class="TableCell"><code> -aX{K | W | P}</code> Indicates these command-line
options: <code><br> -aXK <br> -aXW <br> -aXP</code></tr></table>