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How to Run The Tests
This is a work in progress.
The objective is to make it easy to run unit tests
for any part of the classlibrary, and be able to also
run all the tests and do easy reporting.
Requirements :
1) JUnit.jar - any modern version.
Put this on your ant/lib directory.
2) Ensure you have the build time dependencies installed, these
can be downloaded using the following command:
ant fetch-depends
Warning: Some of the dependencies are made available under
licences other than the ASLv2.
3) J9 VM from IBM (evaluation)
Warning - this is not open source, and you must go through a minor
registration process.
This is IBM's VM that works with the Harmony class libraries.
We will use this until our own VM efforts come up to speed.
Installation - drop into deploy/jdk/jre/bin/default
Once the prereqs are there :
1) Build the classlibrary :
$ ant
This should build and install all java and native components
2) Test :
$ ant test
and wait. You can find a html report in
when it's finished.