This directory contains tools to help in the development and release of Apache Hadoop.

  • bin

    • releasedocmaker

      Build release notes for a given Hadoop project or subproject. This is called from Maven when -Preleasedocs is used. See BUILDING.txt for more information.

    • shelldocs

      Create documentation for the Unix Shell API. This is called from Maven when -Pshelldocs is used.

    • smart-apply-patch

      Intelligently apply a patch file to a source tree.

    • test-patch

      Test a patch against a source tree.


    Helps REs create a release of Apache Hadoop for distribution.


    Given a jenkins test job, this script examines all runs of the job done within specified period of time (number of days prior to the execution time of this script), and reports all failed tests.

  • docker

    Various helpers for the script, including the Dockerfile itself. See parent BUILDING.txt for more information.


    Finds hanging test from Jenkins build output.

Previously, the scripts,,, and were in this directory. They have been moved to the Apache Yetus project ( These scripts have been replaced with wrapper scripts located in the bin directory. Command line options are generally different than the previous versions that shipped with older versions of Apache Hadoop.

The wrapper scripts will download, verify (if GPG is installed), and cache a local copy of Apache Yetus in the hadoop/patchprocess directory. The version that is used may be overridden by setting the HADOOP_YETUS_VERSION environment variable. The cache directory may be overwritten by setting the HADOOP_PATCHPROCESS directory. If a local version of Apache Yetus is already installed, it may be used instead by setting the YETUS_HOME environment variable to point to that directory.