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Hadoop YARN Change Log
Release 2.2.0 - UNRELEASED
Release 2.1.2 - UNRELEASED
YARN-1229. Define constraints on Auxiliary Service names. Change
ShuffleHandler service name from mapreduce.shuffle to
mapreduce_shuffle (Xuan Gong via sseth)
YARN-1246. Added application finish-status to ApplicationSummary for the sake
of testing given ApplicationHistoryServer is not yet ready. (Arpit Gupta via
YARN-899. Added back queue level administrator-acls so that there is no
regression w.r.t 1.x. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-1228. Clean up Fair Scheduler configuration loading. (Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1213. Restore config to ban submitting to undeclared pools in the
Fair Scheduler. (Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1277. Added a policy based configuration for http/https in common
HttpServer and using the same in YARN - related to per project https config
support via HADOOP-10022. (Suresh Srinivas and Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1128. FifoPolicy.computeShares throws NPE on empty list of Schedulables
(Karthik Kambatla via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1214. Register ClientToken MasterKey in SecretManager after it is
saved (Jian He via bikas)
YARN-49. Improve distributed shell application to work on a secure cluster.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via hitesh)
YARN-1157. Fixed ResourceManager UI to behave correctly when apps like
distributed-shell do not set tracking urls. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-1221. With Fair Scheduler, reserved MB reported in RM web UI increases
indefinitely (Siqi Li via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1247. test-container-executor has gotten out of sync with the changes to
container-executor. (rvs via tucu)
YARN-1070. Fixed race conditions in NodeManager during container-kill.
(Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-1215. Yarn URL should include userinfo. (Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
YARN-1262. TestApplicationCleanup relies on all containers assigned in a
single heartbeat (Karthik Kambatla via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1260. Added webapp.http.address to yarn-default.xml so that default
install with https enabled doesn't have broken link on NM UI. (Omkar Vinit
Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1141. Updating resource requests should be decoupled with updating
blacklist (Zhijie Shen via bikas)
YARN-876. Node resource is added twice when node comes back from unhealthy
to healthy. (Peng Zhang via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-890. Ensure CapacityScheduler doesn't round-up metric for available
resources. (Xuan Gong & Hitesh Shah via acmurthy)
YARN-621. Changed YARN web app to not add paths that can cause duplicate
additions of authenticated filters there by causing kerberos replay errors.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1236. FairScheduler setting queue name in RMApp is not working.
(Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1256. NM silently ignores non-existent service in
StartContainerRequest (Xuan Gong via bikas)
YARN-1149. NM throws InvalidStateTransitonException: Invalid event:
YARN-1271. "Text file busy" errors launching containers again
(Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1131. $yarn logs command should return an appropriate error message if
YARN application is still running. (Siddharth Seth via hitesh)
YARN-1219. FSDownload changes file suffix making FileUtil.unTar() throw
exception. (Shanyu Zhao via cnauroth)
YARN-1251. TestDistributedShell#TestDSShell failed with timeout. (Xuan Gong
via hitesh)
YARN-1167. Fixed Distributed Shell to not incorrectly show empty hostname
on RM UI. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-1254. Fixed NodeManager to not pollute container's credentials. (Omkar
Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1273. Fixed Distributed-shell to account for containers that failed
to start. (Hitesh Shah via vinodkv)
YARN-1032. Fixed NPE in RackResolver. (Lohit Vijayarenu via acmurthy)
YARN-1090. Fixed CS UI to better reflect applications as non-schedulable
and not as pending. (Jian He via acmurthy)
YARN-1274. Fixed NodeManager's LinuxContainerExecutor to create user, app-dir
and log-dirs correctly even when there are no resources to localize for the
container. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-1278. Fixed NodeManager to not delete local resources for apps on resync
command from RM - a bug caused by YARN-1149. (Hitesh Shah via vinodkv)
Release 2.1.1-beta - 2013-09-23
YARN-707. Added user information also in the YARN ClientToken so that AMs
can implement authorization based on incoming users. (Jason Lowe via vinodkv)
YARN-589. Expose a REST API for monitoring the fair scheduler (Sandy Ryza).
YARN-1074. Cleaned up YARN CLI application list to only display running
applications by default. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-1093. Corrections to Fair Scheduler documentation (Wing Yew Poon via
Sandy Ryza)
YARN-942. In Fair Scheduler documentation, inconsistency on which
properties have prefix (Akira Ajisaka via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-905. Add state filters to nodes CLI (Wei Yan via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1083. Changed ResourceManager to fail when the expiry interval is less
than the configured node-heartbeat interval. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-1081. Made a trivial change to YARN node CLI header to avoid potential
confusion. (Akira AJISAKA via vinodkv)
YARN-1034. Remove "experimental" in the Fair Scheduler documentation.
(Karthik Kambatla via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1080. Improved help message for "yarn logs" command. (Xuan Gong via
YARN-771. AMRMClient support for resource blacklisting (Junping Du via
YARN-1117. Improved help messages for "yarn application" and "yarn node"
commands. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-758. Augment MockNM to use multiple cores (Karthik Kambatla via
Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1120. Made ApplicationConstants.Environment.USER definition OS neutral
as the corresponding value is now set correctly end-to-end. (Chuan Liu via
YARN-1124. Modified YARN CLI application list to display new and submitted
applications together with running apps by default, following up YARN-1074.
(Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-1065. NM should provide AuxillaryService data to the container (Xuan
Gong via bikas)
YARN-696. Changed RMWebservice apps call to take in multiple application
states. (Trevor Lorimer via vinodkv)
YARN-910. Augmented auxiliary services to listen for container starts and
completions in addition to application events. (Alejandro Abdelnur via
YARN-1137. Add support whitelist for system users to Yarn
container-executor.c. (rvs via tucu)
YARN-1001. Added a web-service to get statistics about per application-type
per state for consumption by downstream projects. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-1203. Changed YARN web-app proxy to handle http and https URLs from
AM registration and finish correctly. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1204. Added separate configuration properties for https for RM and NM
without which servers enabled with https will also start on http ports.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-948. Changed ResourceManager to validate the release container list
before actually releasing them. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-966. Fixed ContainerLaunch to not fail quietly when there are no
localized resources due to some other failure. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-502. Fixed a state machine issue with RMNode inside ResourceManager
which was crashing scheduler. (Mayank Bansal via vinodkv)
YARN-573. Shared data structures in Public Localizer and Private Localizer
are not Thread safe. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via jlowe)
YARN-903. Changed ContainerManager to suppress unnecessary warnings when
stopping already stopped containers. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-906. Fixed a bug in NodeManager where cancelling ContainerLaunch at
KILLING state causes that the container to hang. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-994. HeartBeat thread in AMRMClientAsync does not handle runtime
exception correctly (Xuan Gong via bikas)
YARN-337. RM handles killed application tracking URL poorly (jlowe)
YARN-107. Fixed ResourceManager and clients to better handle
forceKillApplication on non-running and finished applications. (Xuan Gong
via vinodkv)
YARN-643. Fixed ResourceManager to remove all tokens consistently on app
finish. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-1006. Fixed broken rendering in the Nodes list web page on the RM web
UI. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-881. Priority#compareTo method seems to be wrong. (Jian He via bikas)
YARN-1082. Create base directories on HDFS after RM login to ensure RM
recovery doesn't fail in secure mode. (vinodkv via acmurthy)
YARN-1085. Modified YARN and MR2 web-apps to do HTTP authentication in
secure setup with kerberos. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1094. Fixed a blocker with RM restart code because of which RM crashes
when try to recover an existing app. (vinodkv)
YARN-1008. MiniYARNCluster with multiple nodemanagers, all nodes have same
key for allocations. (tucu)
YARN-602. Fixed NodeManager to not let users override some mandatory
environmental variables. (Kenji Kikushima via vinodkv)
YARN-1101. Active nodes can be decremented below 0 (Robert Parker
via tgraves)
YARN-981. Fixed YARN webapp so that /logs servlet works like before. (Jian He
via vinodkv)
YARN-1077. Fixed TestContainerLaunch test failure on Windows. (Chuan Liu via
YARN-957. Fixed a bug in CapacityScheduler because of which requests that
need more than a node's total capability were incorrectly allocated on that
node causing apps to hang. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1107. Fixed a bug in ResourceManager because of which RM in secure mode
fails to restart. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-1049. ContainerExistStatus should define a status for preempted
containers. (tucu)
YARN-1144. Unmanaged AMs registering a tracking URI should not be
proxy-fied. (tucu)
YARN-1152. Fixed a bug in ResourceManager that was causing clients to get
invalid client token key errors when an appliation is about to finish.
(Jason Lowe via vinodkv)
YARN-292. Fixed FifoScheduler and FairScheduler to make their applications
data structures thread safe to avoid RM crashing with
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-1025. ResourceManager and NodeManager do not load native libraries on
Windows. (cnauroth)
YARN-1176. RM web services ClusterMetricsInfo total nodes doesn't include
unhealthy nodes (Jonathan Eagles via tgraves)
YARN-1078. TestNodeManagerResync, TestNodeManagerShutdown, and
TestNodeStatusUpdater fail on Windows. (Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
YARN-1194. TestContainerLogsPage fails with native builds (Roman Shaposhnik
via jlowe)
YARN-1116. Populate AMRMTokens back to AMRMTokenSecretManager after RM
restarts (Jian He via bikas)
YARN-1189. NMTokenSecretManagerInNM is not being told when applications
have finished (Omkar Vinit Joshi via jlowe)
YARN-540. Race condition causing RM to potentially relaunch already
unregistered AMs on RM restart (Jian He via bikas)
YARN-1184. ClassCastException during preemption enforcement. (cdouglas)
Release 2.1.0-beta - 2013-08-22
YARN-396. Rationalize AllocateResponse in RM Scheduler API. (Zhijie Shen
via hitesh)
YARN-439. Flatten NodeHeartbeatResponse. (Xuan Gong via sseth)
YARN-440. Flatten RegisterNodeManagerResponse. (Xuan Gong via sseth)
YARN-536. Removed the unused objects ContainerStatus and ContainerStatus from
Container which also don't belong to the container. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-486. Changed NM's startContainer API to accept Container record given by
RM as a direct parameter instead of as part of the ContainerLaunchContext
record. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-444. Moved special container exit codes from YarnConfiguration to API
where they belong. (Sandy Ryza via vinodkv)
YARN-441. Removed unused utility methods for collections from two API
records. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-561. Modified NodeManager to set key information into the environment
of every container that it launches. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-579. Stop setting the Application Token in the AppMaster env, in
favour of the copy present in the container token field.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-629. Make YarnRemoteException not be rooted at IOException. (Xuan Gong
via vinodkv)
YARN-633. Changed RMAdminProtocol api to throw IOException and
YarnRemoteException. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-632. Changed ContainerManager api to throw IOException and
YarnRemoteException. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-631. Changed ClientRMProtocol api to throw IOException and
YarnRemoteException. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-630. Changed AMRMProtocol api to throw IOException and
YarnRemoteException. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-615. Rename ContainerLaunchContext.containerTokens to tokens.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-571. Remove user from ContainerLaunchContext. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via
YARN-716. Making ApplicationID immutable. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-684. ContainerManager.startContainer should use
ContainerTokenIdentifier instead of the entire Container.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-735. Make ApplicationAttemptId, ContaienrId and NodeId immutable.
(Jian He via sseth)
YARN-749. Rename ResourceRequest.(get,set)HostName to
ResourceRequest.(get,set)ResourceName. (acmurthy)
YARN-720. should not refer to mapreduce
property names. (Zhijie Shen via sseth)
YARN-748. Moved BuilderUtils from yarn-common to yarn-server-common for
eventual retirement. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-635. Renamed YarnRemoteException to YarnException. (Siddharth Seth via
YARN-755. Renamed AllocateResponse.reboot to AllocateResponse.resync. (Bikas
Saha via vinodkv)
YARN-753. Added individual factory methods for all api protocol records and
converted the records to be abstract classes. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-724. Moved ProtoBase from api.records to api.records.impl.pb. (Jian He
via vinodkv)
YARN-759. Create Command enum in AllocateResponse (bikas)
YARN-777. Removed unreferenced objects from .proto files. (Jian He via
YARN-642. Removed health parameter from ResourceManager /nodes web-service
and cleaned the behaviour of the status parameter. (Sandy Ryza vid vinodkv)
YARN-530. Defined Service model strictly, implemented AbstractService for
robust subclassing and migrated yarn-common services. (Steve Loughran via
YARN-746. Renamed Service.register() and Service.unregister() to
registerServiceListener() & unregisterServiceListener() respectively.
(Steve Loughran via vinodkv)
YARN-792. Moved NodeHealthStatus from yarn.api.record to
yarn.server.api.record. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-806. Moved ContainerExitStatus from yarn.api to yarn.api.records. (Jian
He via vinodkv)
YARN-821. Renamed setFinishApplicationStatus to setFinalApplicationStatus in
FinishApplicationMasterRequest for consistency. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-787. Removed minimum resource from RegisterApplicationMasterResponse.
(tucu via acmurthy)
YARN-829. Renamed RMTokenSelector to be RMDelegationTokenSelector. (Zhijie
Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-828. Removed the unsed YarnVersionAnnotation. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-823. Moved RMAdmin from yarn.client to yarn.client.cli and renamed it to
be RMAdminCLI. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-387. Renamed YARN protocols for consistency.
ClientRMProtocol -> ApplicationClientProtocol
AMRMProtocol -> ApplicationMasterProtocol
ContainerManager -> ContainerManagementProtocol
(vinodkv via acmurthy)
YARN-831. Removed minimum resource from GetNewApplicationResponse as a
follow-up to YARN-787. (Jian He via acmurthy)
YARN-824. Added static factory methods to hadoop-yarn-client interfaces.
(Jian He via acmurthy)
YARN-826. Moved Clock and SystemClock into yarn.util package. (Zhijie Shen
via vinodkv)
YARN-837. Moved yarn.ClusterInfo into MapReduce project as it doesn't belong
to YARN. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-822. Renamed ApplicationToken to be AMRMToken, and similarly the
corresponding TokenSelector and SecretManager. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-610. ClientToken is no longer set in the environment of the Containers.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-834. Fixed annotations for yarn-client module, reorganized packages and
clearly differentiated *Async apis. (Arun C Murthy and Zhijie Shen via
YARN-840. Moved ProtoUtils to yarn.api.records.pb.impl. (Jian He via
YARN-841. Move Auxiliary service to yarn-api, annotate and document it.
YARN-850. Rename getClusterAvailableResources to getAvailableResources in
AMRMClients (Jian He via bikas)
YARN-694. Starting to use NMTokens to authenticate all communication with
NodeManagers. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-553. Replaced YarnClient.getNewApplication with
YarnClient.createApplication which provides a directly usable
ApplicationSubmissionContext to simplify the api. (Karthik Kambatla via
YARN-851. Share NMTokens using NMTokenCache (api-based) between AMRMClient
and NMClient instead of memory based approach which is used currently. (Omkar
Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-869. Move ResourceManagerAdministrationProtocol out of main YARN api.
(vinodkv via acmurthy)
YARN-791. Changed RM APIs and web-services related to nodes to ensure that
both are consistent with each other. (Sandy Ryza via vinodkv)
YARN-727. ClientRMProtocol.getAllApplications should accept ApplicationType as
a parameter. (Xuan Gong via hitesh)
YARN-701. Use application tokens irrespective of secure or non-secure
mode. (vinodkv via acmurthy)
YARN-918. Remove ApplicationAttemptId from
RegisterApplicationMasterRequestProto. (vinodkv via acmurthy)
YARN-926. Modified ContainerManagerProtcol APIs to take in requests for
multiple containers. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-482. FS: Extend SchedulingMode to intermediate queues.
(kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-45. Add protocol for schedulers to request containers back from
ApplicationMasters. (Carlo Curino, cdouglas)
YARN-563. Add the concept of an application-type for each application.
(Mayank Bansal via vinodkv)
HADOOP-8562. Enhancements to support Hadoop on Windows Server and Windows
Azure environments. (See breakdown of tasks below for subtasks and
YARN-422. Add a NM Client library to help application-writers. (Zhijie Shen
via vinodkv)
YARN-392. Make it possible to specify hard locality constraints in resource
requests. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-326. Add multi-resource scheduling to the fair scheduler.
(sandyr via tucu)
YARN-398. Make it possible to specify hard locality constraints in resource
requests for CapacityScheduler. (acmurthy)
YARN-781. Exposing LOGDIR in all containers' environment which should be used
by containers for logging purposes. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-347. Node CLI should show CPU info besides memory in node status.
(Junping Du via llu)
YARN-365. Change NM heartbeat handling to not generate a scheduler event
on each heartbeat. (Xuan Gong via sseth)
YARN-380. Fix yarn node -status output to be better readable. (Omkar Vinit
Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-410. Fixed RM UI so that the new lines diagnostics for a failed app on
the per-application page are translated to html line breaks. (Omkar Vinit
Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-198. Added a link to RM pages from the NodeManager web app. (Jian He
via vinodkv)
YARN-237. Refreshing the RM page forgets how many rows I had in my
Datatables (jian he via bobby)
YARN-481. Add AM Host and RPC Port to ApplicationCLI Status Output
(Chris Riccomini via bikas)
YARN-297. Improve hashCode implementations for PB records. (Xuan Gong via
YARN-417. Create AMRMClient wrapper that provides asynchronous callbacks.
(Sandy Ryza via bikas)
YARN-497. Yarn unmanaged-am launcher jar does not define a main class in
its manifest (Hitesh Shah via bikas)
YARN-469. Make scheduling mode in FS pluggable. (kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-450. Define value for * in the scheduling protocol (Zhijie Shen via
YARN-475. Remove a unused constant in the public API -
ApplicationConstants.AM_APP_ATTEMPT_ID_ENV. (Hitesh Shah via vinodkv)
YARN-309. Changed NodeManager to obtain heart-beat interval from the
ResourceManager. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-447. Move ApplicationComparator in CapacityScheduler to use comparator
in ApplicationId. (Nemon Lou via vinodkv)
YARN-381. Improve fair scheduler docs. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-458. YARN daemon addresses must be placed in many different configs.
(sandyr via tucu)
YARN-193. Scheduler.normalizeRequest does not account for allocation
requests that exceed maximumAllocation limits (Zhijie Shen via bikas)
YARN-479. NM retry behavior for connection to RM should be similar for
lost heartbeats (Jian He via bikas)
YARN-495. Changed NM reboot behaviour to be a simple resync - kill all
containers and re-register with RM. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-514. Delayed store operations should not result in RM unavailability
for app submission (Zhijie Shen via bikas)
YARN-586. Fixed a typo in ApplicationSubmissionContext#setApplicationId.
(Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-542. Changed the default global AM max-attempts value to be not one.
(Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-583. Moved application level local resources to be localized under the
filecache sub-directory under application directory. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via
YARN-581. Added a test to verify that app delegation tokens are restored
after RM restart. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-577. Add application-progress also to ApplicationReport. (Hitesh Shah
via vinodkv)
YARN-595. Refactor fair scheduler to use common Resources. (Sandy Ryza
via tomwhite)
YARN-562. Modified NM to reject any containers allocated by a previous
ResourceManager. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-591. Moved RM recovery related records out of public API as they do not
belong there. (vinodkv)
YARN-599. Refactoring submitApplication in ClientRMService and RMAppManager
to separate out various validation checks depending on whether they rely on
RM configuration or not. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-618. Modified RM_INVALID_IDENTIFIER to be -1 instead of zero. (Jian He
via vinodkv)
YARN-625. Move the utility method unwrapAndThrowException from
YarnRemoteExceptionPBImpl to RPCUtil. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-645. Moved RMDelegationTokenSecretManager from yarn-server-common to
yarn-server-resourcemanager where it really belongs. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-651. Changed PBClientImpls of ContainerManager and RMAdmin to throw
IOExceptions also. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-582. Changed ResourceManager to recover Application token and client
tokens for app attempt so that RM can be restarted while preserving current
applications. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-568. Add support for work preserving preemption to the FairScheduler.
(Carlo Curino and Sandy Ryza via cdouglas)
YARN-598. Add virtual cores to queue metrics. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-634. Modified YarnRemoteException to be not backed by PB and introduced
a separate SerializedException record. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-663. Changed ResourceTracker API and LocalizationProtocol API to throw
YarnRemoteException and IOException. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-590. Added an optional mesage to be returned by ResourceMaanger when RM
asks an RM to shutdown/resync etc so that NMs can log this message locally
for better debuggability. (Mayank Bansal via vinodkv)
YARN-617. Made ContainerTokens to be used for validation at NodeManager
also in unsecure mode to prevent AMs from faking resource requirements in
unsecure mode. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-708. Moved RecordFactory classes to hadoop-yarn-api, and put some
miscellaneous fixes to the interfaces. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-711. Copied BuilderUtil methods in individual API records as
BuilderUtils is going to be dismantled. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-714. Added NMTokens to be sent to AMs as part of heart-beat response.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-638. Modified ResourceManager to restore RMDelegationTokens after
restarting. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-660. Improve AMRMClient with matching requests (bikas)
YARN-717. Put object creation factories for Token in the class itself and
remove useless derivations for specific tokens. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-756. Move Preemption* records to yarn.api where they really belong.
(Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-750. Allow for black-listing resources in YARN API and Impl in CS
(acmurthy via bikas)
YARN-877. Support resource blacklisting for FifoScheduler.
(Junping Du via llu)
YARN-686. Flatten NodeReport. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-737. Throw some specific exceptions directly instead of wrapping them
in YarnException. (Jian He via sseth)
YARN-731. RPCUtil.unwrapAndThrowException should unwrap remote
RuntimeExceptions. (Zhijie Shen via sseth)
YARN-600. Hook up cgroups CPU settings to the number of virtual cores
allocated. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-648. FS: Add documentation for pluggable policy. (kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-773. Moved YarnRuntimeException from package api.yarn to
api.yarn.exceptions. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-692. Creating NMToken master key on RM and sharing it with NM as a part
of RM-NM heartbeat. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-782. vcores-pcores ratio functions differently from vmem-pmem ratio in
misleading way. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-803. factor out scheduler config validation from the ResourceManager
to each scheduler implementation. (tucu)
YARN-789. Enable zero capabilities resource requests in fair scheduler.
YARN-639. Modified Distributed Shell application to start using the new
NMClient library. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-693. Modified RM to send NMTokens on allocate call so that AMs can then
use them for authentication with NMs. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-752. In AMRMClient, automatically add corresponding rack requests for
requested nodes. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-825. Fixed javadoc and annotations for yarn-common module. (vinodkv)
YARN-833. Moved Graph and VisualizeStateMachine into yarn.state package.
(Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-805. Fix javadoc and annotations on classes in the yarn-api
package. (Jian He via sseth)
YARN-846. Move pb Impl classes from yarn-api to yarn-common. (Jian He via
YARN-827. Need to make Resource arithmetic methods accessible (Jian He via
YARN-866. Add test for class ResourceWeights. (ywskycn via tucu)
YARN-736. Add a multi-resource fair sharing metric. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-883. Expose Fair Scheduler-specific queue metrics. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-569. Add support for requesting and enforcing preemption requests via
a capacity monitor. (Carlo Curino, cdouglas)
YARN-521. Augment AM - RM client module to be able to request containers
only at specific locations (Sandy Ryza via bikas)
YARN-513. Create common proxy client for communicating with RM. (Xuan Gong
& Jian He via bikas)
YARN-927. Change ContainerRequest to not have more than 1 container count
and remove StoreContainerRequest (bikas)
YARN-922. Change FileSystemRMStateStore to use directories (Jian He via
YARN-865. RM webservices can't query based on application Types. (Xuan Gong
via hitesh)
YARN-912. Move client facing exceptions to yarn-api module. (Mayank Bansal
via vinodkv)
YARN-84. Use Builder to build RPC server. (Brandon Li via szetszwo)
YARN-1046. Disable mem monitoring by default in MiniYARNCluster. (Karthik
Kambatla via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-1045. Improve toString implementation for PBImpls. (Jian He via sseth)
YARN-512. Log aggregation root directory check is more expensive than it
needs to be. (Maysam Yabandeh via jlowe)
YARN-719. Move RMIdentifier from Container to ContainerTokenIdentifier.
(Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-383. AMRMClientImpl should handle null rmClient in stop()
(Hitesh Shah via sseth)
YARN-385. Add missing fields - location and #containers to
ResourceRequestPBImpl's toString(). (Sandy Ryza via sseth)
YARN-377. Use the new StringUtils methods added by HADOOP-9252 and fix
TestContainersMonitor. (Chris Nauroth via szetszwo)
YARN-391. Formatting fixes for LCEResourceHandler classes.
(Steve Loughran via sseth)
YARN-390. ApplicationCLI and NodeCLI hard-coded platform-specific line
separator causes test failures on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
YARN-406. Fix TestRackResolver to function in networks where "host1"
resolves to a valid host. (Hitesh Shah via sseth)
YARN-376. Fixes a bug which would prevent the NM knowing about completed
containers and applications. (Jason Lowe via sseth)
YARN-196. Nodemanager should be more robust in handling connection failure
to ResourceManager when a cluster is started (Xuan Gong via hitesh)
YARN-485. TestProcfsProcessTree#testProcessTree() doesn't wait long enough
for the process to die. (kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-71. Fix the NodeManager to clean up local-dirs on restart.
(Xuan Gong via sseth)
YARN-378. Fix RM to make the AM max attempts/retries to be configurable
per application by clients. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-498. Unmanaged AM launcher does not set various constants in env for
an AM, also does not handle failed AMs properly. (Hitesh Shah via bikas)
YARN-496. Fair scheduler configs are refreshed inconsistently in
reinitialize. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-474. Fix CapacityScheduler to trigger application-activation when
am-resource-percent configuration is refreshed. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-209. Fix CapacityScheduler to trigger application-activation when
the cluster capacity changes. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-24. Nodemanager fails to start if log aggregation enabled and
namenode unavailable. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-515. Node Manager not getting the master key. (Robert Joseph Evans
via jlowe)
YARN-382. SchedulerUtils improve way normalizeRequest sets the resource
capabilities. (Zhijie Shen via bikas)
YARN-467. Modify public distributed cache to localize files such that no
local directory hits unix file count limits and thus prevent job failures.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-101. Fix NodeManager heartbeat processing to not lose track of completed
containers in case of dropped heartbeats. (Xuan Gong via vinodkv)
YARN-538. RM address DNS lookup can cause unnecessary slowness on every JHS
page load. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-532. Change RMAdmin and Localization client protocol PB implementations
to implement closeable so that they can be stopped when needed via
RPC.stopProxy(). (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-99. Modify private distributed cache to localize files such that no
local directory hits unix file count limits and thus prevent job failures.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-112. Fixed a race condition during localization that fails containers.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-534. Change RM restart recovery to also account for AM max-attempts
configuration after the restart. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-539. Addressed memory leak of LocalResource objects NM when a resource
localization fails. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-319. Submitting a job to a fair scheduler queue for which the user
does not have permission causes the client to wait forever.
(shenhong via tomwhite)
YARN-412. Fixed FifoScheduler to check hostname of a NodeManager rather
than its host:port during scheduling which caused incorrect locality for
containers. (Roger Hoover via acmurthy)
YARN-500. Fixed YARN webapps to not roll-over ports when explicitly asked
to use non-ephemeral ports. (Kenji Kikushima via vinodkv)
YARN-518. Fair Scheduler's document link could be added to the hadoop 2.x
main doc page. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-476. ProcfsBasedProcessTree info message confuses users.
(sandyr via tucu)
YARN-585. Fix failure in TestFairScheduler#testNotAllowSubmitApplication
caused by YARN-514. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv)
YARN-547. Fixed race conditions in public and private resource localization
which used to cause duplicate downloads. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-594. Update test and add comments in YARN-534 (Jian He via bikas)
YARN-549. YarnClient.submitApplication should wait for application to be
accepted by the RM (Zhijie Shen via bikas)
YARN-605. Fix failing unit test in TestNMWebServices when versionInfo has
parantheses like when running on a git checkout. (Hitesh Shah via vinodkv)
YARN-289. Fair scheduler allows reservations that won't fit on node.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-576. Modified ResourceManager to reject NodeManagers that don't satisy
minimum resource requirements. (Kenji Kikushima via vinodkv)
YARN-646. Fix two typos in Fair Scheduler user guide. (Dapeng Sun via atm)
YARN-507. Add interface visibility and stability annotations to FS
interfaces/classes. (kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-637. FS: maxAssign is not honored. (kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-655. Fair scheduler metrics should subtract allocated memory from
available memory. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-628. Fix the way YarnRemoteException is being unrolled to extract out
the underlying exception. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-695. Remove masterContainer and status unused fields from
ApplicationReportProto and fix bugs in ApplicationReportPBImpl. (Zhijie Shen
via vinodkv)
YARN-706. Fixed race conditions in TestFSDownload. (Zhijie Shen via vinodkv).
YARN-715. Fixed unit test failures - TestDistributedShell and
TestUnmanagedAMLauncher. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-578. Fixed NM to use SecureIOUtils for reading and aggregating logs.
(Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-733. Fixed TestNMClient from failing occasionally. (Zhijie Shen via
YARN-730. Fix NMClientAsync to remove completed containers. (Zhijie Shen
via acmurthy)
YARN-726. Fix queue & finish time fields in web-ui for ResourceManager.
(Mayank Bansal via acmurthy)
YARN-757. Changed TestRMRestart to use the default scheduler to avoid test
failures. (Bikas Saha via vinodkv)
YARN-742. Log aggregation causes a lot of redundant setPermission calls.
(jlowe via kihwal)
YARN-764. blank Used Resources on Capacity Scheduler page (Nemon Lou via
YARN-761. TestNMClientAsync fails sometimes (Zhijie Shen via bikas)
YARN-760. NodeManager throws AvroRuntimeException on failed start.
(Niranjan Singh via jlowe)
YARN-767. Initialize application metrics at RM bootup. (Jian He via
YARN-700. TestInfoBlock fails on Windows because of line ending missmatch.
(Ivan Mitic via cnauroth)
YARN-117. Migrated rest of YARN to the new service model. (Steve Louhran via
YARN-812. Set default logger for application summary logger to
hadoop.root.logger. (sseth via acmurthy)
YARN-848. Nodemanager does not register with RM using the fully qualified
hostname. (Hitesh Shah via sseth)
YARN-854. Fixing YARN bugs that are failing applications in secure
environment. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-861. TestContainerManager is failing. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via
YARN-874. Making common RPC to switch to not switch to simple when other
mechanisms are enabled and thus fix YARN/MR test failures after HADOOP-9421.
(Daryn Sharp and Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via vinodkv)
YARN-845. RM crash with NPE on NODE_UPDATE (Mayank Bansal via bikas)
YARN-369. Handle ( or throw a proper error when receiving) status updates
from application masters that have not registered (Mayank Bansal &
Abhishek Kapoor via bikas)
YARN-541. getAllocatedContainers() is not returning all the allocated
containers (bikas)
YARN-763. AMRMClientAsync should stop heartbeating after receiving
shutdown from RM (Xuan Gong via bikas)
YARN-654. AMRMClient: Perform sanity checks for parameters of public
methods (Xuan Gong via bikas)"
YARN-919. Document setting default heap sizes in (Mayank
Bansal via hitesh)
YARN-795. Fair scheduler queue metrics should subtract allocated vCores from
available vCores. (ywskycn via tucu)
YARN-799. Fix CgroupsLCEResourcesHandler to use /tasks instead of
/cgroup.procs. (Chris Riccomini via acmurthy)
YARN-333. Schedulers cannot control the queue-name of an
application. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-368. Fixed a typo in error message in Auxiliary services. (Albert Chu
via vinodkv)
YARN-295. Fixed a race condition in ResourceManager RMAppAttempt state
machine. (Mayank Bansal via vinodkv)
YARN-523. Modified a test-case to validate container diagnostics on
localization failures. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-661. Fixed NM to cleanup users' local directories correctly when
starting up. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-820. Fixed an invalid state transition in NodeManager caused by failing
resource localization. (Mayank Bansal via vinodkv)
YARN-62. Modified NodeManagers to avoid AMs from abusing container tokens for
repetitive container launches. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-814. Improving diagnostics when containers fail during launch due to
various reasons like invalid env etc. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-897. Ensure child queues are ordered correctly to account for
completed containers. (Djellel Eddine Difallah via acmurthy)
YARN-853. Fixed CapacityScheduler's maximum-am-resource-percent to properly
work beyond refreshing queues. (Devaraj K via vinodkv)
YARN-873. YARNClient.getApplicationReport(unknownAppId) returns a null
report (Xuan Gong via bikas)
YARN-875. Application can hang if AMRMClientAsync callback thread has
exception (Xuan Gong via bikas)
YARN-461. Fair scheduler should not accept apps with empty string queue name.
(ywskycn via tucu)
YARN-968. RM admin commands don't work. (vinodkv via kihwal)
YARN-688. Fixed NodeManager to properly cleanup containers when it is shut
down. (Jian He via vinodkv)
YARN-960. Fixed ResourceManager to propagate client-submitted credentials
irrespective of security. (Daryn Sharp via vinodkv)
YARN-937. Fix unmanaged AM in non-secure/secure setup post YARN-701. (tucu)
YARN-932. TestResourceLocalizationService.testLocalizationInit can fail on
JDK7. (Karthik Kambatla via Sandy Ryza)
YARN-961. Changed ContainerManager to enforce Token auth irrespective of
security. (Omkar Vinit Joshi via vinodkv)
YARN-945. Removed setting of AMRMToken's service from ResourceManager
and changed client libraries do it all the time and correctly. (vinodkv)
YARN-656. In scheduler UI, including reserved memory in Memory Total can
make it exceed cluster capacity. (Sandy Ryza)
YARN-158. Yarn creating must not depend on sh.
(Chris Nauroth via suresh)
YARN-176. Some YARN tests fail to find winutils. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
YARN-207. YARN distribution build fails on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via
YARN-199. Yarn cmd line scripts for windows. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
YARN-213. YARN build script would be more readable using abspath.
(Chris Nauroth via suresh)
YARN-233. Added support for running containers in MS Windows to YARN. (Chris
Nauroth via acmurthy)
YARN-234. Added support for process tree and resource calculator in MS Windows
to YARN. (Chris Nauroth via acmurthy)
YARN-259. Fix LocalDirsHandlerService to use Path rather than URIs. (Xuan
Gong via acmurthy)
YARN-316. YARN container launch may exceed maximum Windows command line
length due to long classpath. (Chris Nauroth via suresh)
YARN-359. Fixing commands for container signalling in Windows. (Chris Nauroth
via vinodkv)
YARN-506. Move to common utils FileUtil#setReadable/Writable/Executable and
FileUtil#canRead/Write/Execute. (Ivan Mitic via suresh)
YARN-488. TestContainerManagerSecurity fails on Windows. (Chris Nauroth
via hitesh)
YARN-490. TestDistributedShell fails on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via hitesh)
YARN-491. TestContainerLogsPage fails on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via hitesh)
YARN-487. Modify path manipulation in LocalDirsHandlerService to let
TestDiskFailures pass on Windows. (Chris Nauroth via vinodkv)
YARN-593. container launch on Windows does not correctly populate
classpath with new process's environment variables and localized resources
(Chris Nauroth via bikas)
YARN-493. Fixed some shell related flaws in YARN on Windows. (Chris Nauroth
via vinodkv)
YARN-839. TestContainerLaunch.testContainerEnvVariables fails on Windows.
(Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
YARN-597. TestFSDownload fails on Windows due to dependencies on
tar/gzip/jar tools. (Ivan Mitic via acmurthy)
YARN-852. TestAggregatedLogFormat.testContainerLogsFileAccess fails on
Windows. (Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
YARN-894. NodeHealthScriptRunner timeout checking is inaccurate on Windows.
(Chuan Liu via cnauroth)
YARN-909. Disable TestLinuxContainerExecutorWithMocks on Windows. (Chuan Liu
via cnauroth)
YARN-1043. Push all metrics consistently. (Jian He via acmurthy)
YARN-1056. Remove dual use of string 'resourcemanager' in
(Karthik Kambatla via acmurthy)
Release 2.0.5-alpha - 06/06/2013
Release 2.0.4-alpha - 2013-04-25
YARN-429. capacity-scheduler config missing from yarn-test artifact.
(sseth via hitesh)
YARN-470. Support a way to disable resource monitoring on the NodeManager.
(Siddharth Seth via hitesh)
Release 2.0.3-alpha - 2013-02-06
YARN-145. Add a Web UI to the fair share scheduler. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-3. Add support for CPU isolation/monitoring of containers.
(adferguson via tucu)
YARN-230. RM Restart phase 1 - includes support for saving/restarting all
applications on an RM bounce. (Bikas Saha via acmurthy)
YARN-103. Add a yarn AM-RM client module. (Bikas Saha via sseth)
YARN-286. Add a YARN ApplicationClassLoader. (tomwhite)
YARN-2. Enhanced CapacityScheduler to account for CPU alongwith memory for
multi-dimensional resource scheduling. (acmurthy)
YARN-328. Use token request messages defined in hadoop common. (suresh)
YARN-231. RM Restart - Add FS-based persistent store implementation for
RMStateStore (Bikas Saha via hitesh)
YARN-223. Update process tree instead of getting new process trees.
(Radim Kolar via llu)
YARN-57. Allow process-tree based resource calculation et al. to be
pluggable to support it on multiple platforms. (Radim Kolar via acmurthy)
YARN-78. Changed UnManagedAM application to use YarnClient. (Bikas Saha via
YARN-93. Fixed RM to propagate diagnostics from applications that have
finished but failed (Jason Lowe via vinodkv).
YARN-28. Fixed TestCompositeService to not depend on test-order and thus
made it pass on JDK7 (Thomas Graves via vinodkv).
YARN-82. Change the default local and log dirs to be based on
hadoop.tmp.dir and yarn.log.dir. (Hemanth Yamijala via sseth)
YARN-53. Added the missing getGroups API to ResourceManager. (Bo Wang via
YARN-116. Add the ability to change the RM include/exclude file without
a restart. (xieguiming and Harsh J via sseth)
YARN-23. FairScheduler: FSQueueSchedulable#updateDemand() - potential
redundant aggregation. (kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-127. Move RMAdmin tool to its correct location - the client module.
YARN-40. Provided support for missing YARN commands (Devaraj K and Vinod
Kumar Vavilapalli via vinodkv)
YARN-33. Change LocalDirsHandlerService to validate the configured local and
log dirs. (Mayank Bansal via sseth)
YARN-94. Modify DistributedShell to point to main-class by default, clean up
the help message, and hard-code the AM class. (Hitesh Shah via vinodkv)
YARN-146. Add unit tests for computing fair share in the fair scheduler.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
HADOOP-8911. CRLF characters in source and text files.
(Raja Aluri via suresh)
YARN-136. Make ClientToAMTokenSecretManager part of RMContext (Vinod Kumar
Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-183. Clean up fair scheduler code. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-129. Simplify classpath construction for mini YARN tests. (tomwhite)
YARN-254. Update fair scheduler web UI for hierarchical queues.
(sandyr via tucu)
YARN-315. Using the common security token protobuf definition from hadoop
common. (Suresh Srinivas via vinodkv)
YARN-170. Change NodeManager stop to be reentrant. (Sandy Ryza via vinodkv)
YARN-331. Fill in missing fair scheduler documentation. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-277. Use AMRMClient in DistributedShell to exemplify the approach.
(Bikas Saha via hitesh)
YARN-360. Allow apps to concurrently register tokens for renewal.
(Daryn Sharp via sseth)
YARN-131. Fix incorrect ACL properties in capacity scheduler documentation.
(Ahmed Radwan via sseth)
YARN-102. Move the apache header to the top of the file in
(Devaraj K via sseth)
YARN-134. ClientToAMSecretManager creates keys without checking for
validity of the appID. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-30. Fixed tests verifying web-services to work on JDK7. (Thomas Graves
via vinodkv)
YARN-150. Fixes AppRejectedTransition does not unregister a rejected
app-attempt from the ApplicationMasterService (Bikas Saha via sseth)
YARN-140. Add capacity-scheduler-default.xml to provide a default set of
configurations for the capacity scheduler. (ahmed via tucu)
YARN-179. Fix some unit test failures. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-181. Fixed eclipse settings broken by capacity-scheduler.xml move via
YARN-140. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-169. Update log4j.appender.EventCounter to use
org.apache.hadoop.log.metrics.EventCounter (Anthony Rojas via tomwhite)
YARN-184. Remove unnecessary locking in fair scheduler, and address
findbugs excludes. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-224. Fair scheduler logs too many nodeUpdate INFO messages.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-222. Fair scheduler should create queue for each user by default.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
MAPREDUCE-4778. Fair scheduler event log is only written if directory
exists on HDFS. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-229. Remove old unused RM recovery code. (Bikas Saha via acmurthy)
YARN-187. Add hierarchical queues to the fair scheduler.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-72. NM should handle cleaning up containers when it shuts down.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-267. Fix fair scheduler web UI. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-264. y.s.rm.DelegationTokenRenewer attempts to renew token even
after removing an app. (kkambatl via tucu)
YARN-271. Fair scheduler hits IllegalStateException trying to reserve
different apps on same node. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-272. Fair scheduler log messages try to print objects without
overridden toString methods. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-278. Fair scheduler maxRunningApps config causes no apps to make
progress. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-282. Fair scheduler web UI double counts Apps Submitted.
(sandyr via tucu)
YARN-283. Fair scheduler fails to get queue info without root prefix.
(sandyr via tucu)
YARN-192. Node update causes NPE in the fair scheduler.
(Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-288. Fair scheduler queue doesn't accept any jobs when ACLs are
configured. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-300. After YARN-271, fair scheduler can infinite loop and not
schedule any application. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-301. Fair scheduler throws ConcurrentModificationException when
iterating over app's priorities. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-217. Fix RMAdmin protocol description to make it work in secure mode
also. (Devaraj K via vinodkv)
YARN-253. Fixed container-launch to not fail when there are no local
resources to localize. (Tom White via vinodkv)
YARN-330. Fix flakey test: TestNodeManagerShutdown#testKillContainersOnShutdown.
(Sandy Ryza via hitesh)
YARN-335. Fair scheduler doesn't check whether rack needs containers
before assigning to node. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-336. Fair scheduler FIFO scheduling within a queue only allows 1
app at a time. (Sandy Ryza via tomwhite)
YARN-135. Client tokens should be per app-attempt, and should be
unregistered on App-finish. (vinodkv via sseth)
YARN-302. Fair scheduler assignmultiple should default to false. (sandyr via tucu)
YARN-372. Move InlineDispatcher from hadoop-yarn-server-resourcemanager to
hadoop-yarn-common (sseth via hitesh)
YARN-370. Fix SchedulerUtils to correctly round up the resource for
containers. (Zhijie Shen via acmurthy)
YARN-355. Fixes a bug where RM app submission could jam under load.
(Daryn Sharp via sseth)
Release 2.0.2-alpha - 2012-09-07
YARN-9. Rename YARN_HOME to HADOOP_YARN_HOME. (vinodkv via acmurthy)
YARN-1. Promote YARN to be a sub-project of Apache Hadoop. (acmurthy)
YARN-29. Add a yarn-client module. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via sseth)
YARN-10. Fix DistributedShell module to not have a dependency on
hadoop-mapreduce-client-core. (Hitesh Shah via vinodkv)
YARN-80. Add support for delaying rack-local containers in
CapacityScheduler. (acmurthy)
YARN-137. Change the default YARN scheduler to be the CapacityScheduler.
(sseth via acmurthy)
YARN-13. Fix pom versions for YARN in branch-2 (todd)
MAPREDUCE-2374. "Text File Busy" errors launching MR tasks. (Andy Isaacson
via atm)
YARN-12. Fix findbugs warnings in FairScheduler. (Junping Du via acmurthy)
YARN-22. Fix ContainerLogs to work if the log-dir is specified as a URI.
(Mayank Bansal via sseth)
YARN-37. Change TestRMAppTransitions to use the DrainDispatcher.
(Mayank Bansal via sseth)
YARN-79. Implement close on all clients to YARN so that RPC clients don't
throw exceptions on shut-down. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli)
YARN-42. Modify NM's non-aggregating logs' handler to stop properly so that
NMs don't get NPEs on startup errors. (Devaraj K via vinodkv)
YARN-15. Updated default classpath for YARN applications to reflect split of
YARN into a sub-project. (Arun C Murthy via vinodkv)
YARN-75. Modified ResourceManager's RMContainer to handle a valid RELEASE
event at RUNNING state. (Siddharth Seth via vinodkv)
YARN-138. Ensure default values for minimum/maximum container sizes is
sane. (harsh & sseth via acmurthy)
Release 0.23.9 - UNRELEASED
Release 0.23.8 - 2013-06-05
YARN-548. Add tests for YarnUncaughtExceptionHandler (Vadim Bondarev via
YARN-363. Add webapps/proxy directory without which YARN proxy-server fails
when started in stand-alone mode. (Kenji Kikushima via vinodkv)
YARN-690. RM exits on token cancel/renew problems (daryn via bobby)
Release 0.23.7 - 2013-04-18
YARN-133 Update web services docs for RM clusterMetrics (Ravi Prakash via
YARN-249. Capacity Scheduler web page should show list of active users per
queue like it used to (in 1.x) (Ravi Prakash via tgraves)
YARN-236. RM should point tracking URL to RM web page when app fails to
start (Jason Lowe via jeagles)
YARN-269. Resource Manager not logging the health_check_script result when
taking it out (Jason Lowe via kihwal)
YARN-227. Application expiration difficult to debug for end-users
(Jason Lowe via jeagles)
YARN-443. allow OS scheduling priority of NM to be different than the
containers it launches (tgraves)
YARN-468. coverage fix for org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.webproxy.amfilter
(Aleksey Gorshkov via bobby)
YARN-200. yarn log does not output all needed information, and is in a
binary format (Ravi Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-525. make CS node-locality-delay refreshable (Thomas Graves via jlowe)
YARN-357. App submission should not be synchronized (daryn)
YARN-343. Capacity Scheduler maximum-capacity value -1 is invalid (Xuan
Gong via tgraves)
YARN-364. AggregatedLogDeletionService can take too long to delete logs
YARN-362. Unexpected extra results when using webUI table search (Ravi
Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-400. RM can return null application resource usage report leading to
NPE in client (Jason Lowe via tgraves)
YARN-426. Failure to download a public resource prevents further downloads
(Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-448. Remove unnecessary hflush from log aggregation (Kihwal Lee via
YARN-345. Many InvalidStateTransitonException errors for ApplicationImpl
in Node Manager (Robert Parker via jlowe)
YARN-109. .tmp file is not deleted for localized archives (Mayank Bansal
via bobby)
YARN-460. CS user left in list of active users for the queue even when
application finished (tgraves)
Release 0.23.6 - 2013-02-06
YARN-285. Added a temporary plugin interface for RM to be able to redirect
to JobHistory server for apps that it no longer tracks. (Derek Dagit via
YARN-188. Coverage fixing for CapacityScheduler (Aleksey Gorshkov via
YARN-214. RMContainerImpl does not handle event EXPIRE at state RUNNING
(jeagles via bobby)
YARN-151. Browser thinks RM main page JS is taking too long
(Ravi Prakash via bobby)
YARN-204. test coverage for (Aleksey Gorshkov via
YARN-251. Proxy URI generation fails for blank tracking URIs (Tom White
via jlowe)
YARN-258. RM web page UI shows Invalid Date for start and finish times
(Ravi Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-266. RM and JHS Web UIs are blank because AppsBlock is not escaping
string properly (Ravi Prakash via jlowe)
YARN-280. RM does not reject app submission with invalid tokens
(Daryn Sharp via tgraves)
YARN-225. Proxy Link in RM UI thows NPE in Secure mode
(Devaraj K via bobby)
YARN-293. Node Manager leaks LocalizerRunner object for every Container
(Robert Joseph Evans via jlowe)
YARN-50. Implement renewal / cancellation of Delegation Tokens
(Siddharth Seth via tgraves)
YARN-320. RM should always be able to renew its own tokens.
(Daryn Sharp via sseth)
YARN-325. RM CapacityScheduler can deadlock when getQueueInfo() is
called and a container is completing (Arun C Murthy via tgraves)
YARN-334. Maven RAT plugin is not checking all source files (tgraves)
YARN-354. WebAppProxyServer exits immediately after startup (Liang Xie via
Release 0.23.5 - 2012-11-28
YARN-161. Fix multiple compiler warnings for unchecked operations in YARN
common. (Chris Nauroth via vinodkv)
YARN-43. Fix TestResourceTrackerService to not depend on test order and thus
pass on JDK7. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
YARN-32. Fix TestApplicationTokens to not depend on test order and thus pass
on JDK7. (vinodkv)
YARN-186. Coverage fixing LinuxContainerExecutor (Aleksey Gorshkov via
YARN-216. Remove jquery theming support. (Robert Joseph Evans via jlowe)
YARN-163. Retrieving container log via NM webapp can hang with multibyte
characters in log (jlowe via bobby)
YARN-174. Modify NodeManager to pass the user's configuration even when
rebooting. (vinodkv)
YARN-177. CapacityScheduler - adding a queue while the RM is running has
wacky results (acmurthy vai tgraves)
YARN-178. Fix custom ProcessTree instance creation (Radim Kolar via bobby)
YARN-180. Capacity scheduler - containers that get reserved create
container token to early (acmurthy and bobby)
YARN-139. Interrupted Exception within AsyncDispatcher leads to user
confusion. (Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli via jlowe)
YARN-165. RM should point tracking URL to RM web page for app when AM fails
(jlowe via bobby)
YARN-159. RM web ui applications page should be sorted to display last app
first (tgraves via bobby)
YARN-166. capacity scheduler doesn't allow capacity < 1.0 (tgraves via
YARN-189. Fixed a deadlock between RM's ApplicationMasterService and the
dispatcher. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
YARN-202. Log Aggregation generates a storm of fsync() for namenode
(Kihwal Lee via bobby)
YARN-201. Fix CapacityScheduler to be less conservative for starved
off-switch requests. (jlowe via acmurthy)
YARN-206. TestApplicationCleanup.testContainerCleanup occasionally fails.
(jlowe via jeagles)
YARN-212. NM state machine ignores an APPLICATION_CONTAINER_FINISHED event
when it shouldn't (Nathan Roberts via jlowe)
YARN-219. NM should aggregate logs when application finishes. (bobby)
Release 0.23.4
Change package of YarnClient to org.apache.hadoop. (Bikas Saha via vinodkv)
YARN-108. FSDownload can create cache directories with the wrong
permissions (Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-57. Allow process-tree based resource calculation et al. to be
pluggable to support it on multiple platforms. (Radim Kolar via acmurthy)
YARN-88. DefaultContainerExecutor can fail to set proper permissions.
(Jason Lowe via sseth)
YARN-106. Nodemanager needs to set permissions of local directories (jlowe
via bobby)
Release 0.23.3
YARN-14. Symlinks to peer distributed cache files no longer work
(Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-25. remove old aggregated logs (Robert Evans via tgraves)
YARN-27. Failed refreshQueues due to misconfiguration prevents further
refreshing of queues (Arun Murthy via tgraves)
MAPREDUCE-4323. NM leaks filesystems (Jason Lowe via jeagles)
YARN-39. RM-NM secret-keys should be randomly generated and rolled every
so often. (vinodkv and sseth via sseth)
YARN-31. Fix TestDelegationTokenRenewer to not depend on test order so as to
pass tests on jdk7. (Thomas Graves via vinodkv)
YARN-63. RMNodeImpl is missing valid transitions from the UNHEALTHY state
(Jason Lowe via bobby)
YARN-60. Fixed a bug in ResourceManager which causes all NMs to get NPEs and
thus causes all containers to be rejected. (vinodkv)
YARN-66. aggregated logs permissions not set properly (tgraves via bobby)
YARN-68. NodeManager will refuse to shutdown indefinitely due to container
log aggregation (daryn via bobby)
YARN-87. NM ResourceLocalizationService does not set permissions of local
cache directories (Jason Lowe via tgraves)