Acceptance test suite for Ozone/Hdsl

This project contains acceptance tests for ozone/hdds using docker-compose and robot framework.


To run the acceptance tests, please activate the ozone-acceptance-test profile and do a full build.

Typically you need a mvn install -Phdsl,ozone-acceptance-test,dist -DskipTests for a build without unit tests but with acceptance test.


  1. You need a hadoop build in hadoop-dist/target directory.
  2. The ozone-acceptance-test could be activated with profile even if the unit tests are disabled.


You can run manually the robot tests with robot cli. (See robotframework docs to install it.)

  1. Go to the src/test/robotframework
  2. Execute robot -v basedir:${PWD}/../../.. -v VERSION:3.2.0-SNAPSHOT .

You can also use select just one test with -t "*testnamefragment*"