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To compile Hadoop Mapreduce next following, do the following:
Step 1) Install dependencies for yarn
Make sure protbuf library is in your library path or set: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib
Step 2) Checkout
svn checkout
Step 3) Build
Go to common directory - choose your regular common build command. For example:
export MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx512m
mvn clean package -Pdist -Dtar -DskipTests -Pnative
You can omit -Pnative it you don't want to build native packages.
Step 4) Untar the tarball from hadoop-dist/target/ into a clean and different
directory, say HADOOP_YARN_HOME.
Step 5)
Start hdfs
To run Hadoop Mapreduce next applications:
Step 6) export the following variables to where you have things installed:
You probably want to export these in and also.
export HADOOP_MAPRED_HOME=<mapred loc>
export HADOOP_COMMON_HOME=<common loc>
export HADOOP_HDFS_HOME=<hdfs loc>
export HADOOP_YARN_HOME=directory where you untarred yarn
export HADOOP_CONF_DIR=<conf loc>
Step 7) Setup config: for running mapreduce applications, which now are in user land, you need to setup nodemanager with the following configuration in your yarn-site.xml before you start the nodemanager.
Step 8) Modify mapred-site.xml to use yarn framework
Step 10) sbin/ start resourcemanager
Step 11) sbin/ start nodemanager
Step 12) sbin/ start historyserver
Step 13) You are all set, an example on how to run a mapreduce job is:
ant examples -Dresolvers=internal
$HADOOP_COMMON_HOME/bin/hadoop jar $HADOOP_MAPRED_HOME/build/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-*.jar randomwriter$USER -Dmapreduce.randomwriter.bytespermap=10000 -Ddfs.blocksize=536870912 -Ddfs.block.size=536870912 -libjars $HADOOP_YARN_HOME/modules/hadoop-mapreduce-client-jobclient-*.jar output
The output on the command line should be almost similar to what you see in the JT/TT setup (Hadoop 0.20/0.21)