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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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* limitations under the License.
#include "config.h"
#include "org_apache_hadoop.h"
#include "org_apache_hadoop_io_compress_lz4_Lz4Decompressor.h"
int LZ4_uncompress_unknownOutputSize(const char* source, char* dest, int isize, int maxOutputSize);
LZ4_uncompress_unknownOutputSize() :
isize : is the input size, therefore the compressed size
maxOutputSize : is the size of the destination buffer (which must be already allocated)
return : the number of bytes decoded in the destination buffer (necessarily <= maxOutputSize)
If the source stream is malformed, the function will stop decoding and return a negative result, indicating the byte position of the faulty instruction
This version never writes beyond dest + maxOutputSize, and is therefore protected against malicious data packets
note : This version is a bit slower than LZ4_uncompress
static jfieldID Lz4Decompressor_clazz;
static jfieldID Lz4Decompressor_compressedDirectBuf;
static jfieldID Lz4Decompressor_compressedDirectBufLen;
static jfieldID Lz4Decompressor_uncompressedDirectBuf;
static jfieldID Lz4Decompressor_directBufferSize;
JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_org_apache_hadoop_io_compress_lz4_Lz4Decompressor_initIDs
(JNIEnv *env, jclass clazz){
Lz4Decompressor_clazz = (*env)->GetStaticFieldID(env, clazz, "clazz",
Lz4Decompressor_compressedDirectBuf = (*env)->GetFieldID(env,clazz,
Lz4Decompressor_compressedDirectBufLen = (*env)->GetFieldID(env,clazz,
"compressedDirectBufLen", "I");
Lz4Decompressor_uncompressedDirectBuf = (*env)->GetFieldID(env,clazz,
Lz4Decompressor_directBufferSize = (*env)->GetFieldID(env, clazz,
"directBufferSize", "I");
JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL Java_org_apache_hadoop_io_compress_lz4_Lz4Decompressor_decompressBytesDirect
(JNIEnv *env, jobject thisj){
// Get members of Lz4Decompressor
jobject clazz = (*env)->GetStaticObjectField(env,thisj, Lz4Decompressor_clazz);
jobject compressed_direct_buf = (*env)->GetObjectField(env,thisj, Lz4Decompressor_compressedDirectBuf);
jint compressed_direct_buf_len = (*env)->GetIntField(env,thisj, Lz4Decompressor_compressedDirectBufLen);
jobject uncompressed_direct_buf = (*env)->GetObjectField(env,thisj, Lz4Decompressor_uncompressedDirectBuf);
size_t uncompressed_direct_buf_len = (*env)->GetIntField(env, thisj, Lz4Decompressor_directBufferSize);
// Get the input direct buffer
LOCK_CLASS(env, clazz, "Lz4Decompressor");
const char* compressed_bytes = (const char*)(*env)->GetDirectBufferAddress(env, compressed_direct_buf);
UNLOCK_CLASS(env, clazz, "Lz4Decompressor");
if (compressed_bytes == 0) {
return (jint)0;
// Get the output direct buffer
LOCK_CLASS(env, clazz, "Lz4Decompressor");
char* uncompressed_bytes = (char *)(*env)->GetDirectBufferAddress(env, uncompressed_direct_buf);
UNLOCK_CLASS(env, clazz, "Lz4Decompressor");
if (uncompressed_bytes == 0) {
return (jint)0;
uncompressed_direct_buf_len = LZ4_uncompress_unknownOutputSize(compressed_bytes, uncompressed_bytes, compressed_direct_buf_len, uncompressed_direct_buf_len);
if (uncompressed_direct_buf_len < 0) {
THROW(env, "Ljava/lang/InternalError", "LZ4_uncompress_unknownOutputSize failed.");
(*env)->SetIntField(env, thisj, Lz4Decompressor_compressedDirectBufLen, 0);
return (jint)uncompressed_direct_buf_len;