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  1. .env
  3. __init__.robot
  4. auditparser/
  5. basic/
  6. commonlib.robot
  7. createbucketenv.robot
  8. createmrenv.robot
  9. env-compose.robot
  10. kinit.robot
  11. mapreduce.robot
  12. ozonefs/
  13. s3/
  14. security/
  16. topology/

Ozone Acceptance Tests

This directory contains a robotframework based test suite for Ozone to make it easier to check the current state of the package.

You can run in in any environment after installing

robot smoketest/basic

The argument of the robot could be any robot file or directory.

The current configuration in the robot files (hostnames, ports) are adjusted for the docker-based setup but you can easily modify it for any environment.

Run tests in docker environment

In the ./compose folder there are additional test scripts to make it easy to run all tests or run a specific test in a docker environment.

Test one environment

Go to the compose directory and execute the directly from there:

cd compose/ozone

The results will be saved to the compose/ozone/results

Run all the tests

cd compose

The results will be combined to the compose/results folder.

Run one specific test case

Start the compose environment and execute test:

cd compose/ozone
docker-compose up -d
../ scm basic/basic.robot