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  2. common/
  3. ozone-hdfs/
  4. ozone-mr/
  5. ozone-om-ha/
  6. ozone-recon/
  7. ozone-topology/
  8. ozone/
  9. ozoneblockade/
  10. ozoneperf/
  11. ozones3-haproxy/
  12. ozones3/
  13. ozonescripts/
  14. ozonesecure-mr/
  15. ozonesecure/

Docker cluster definitions

This directory contains multiple docker cluster definitions to start local pseudo cluster with different configuration.

It helps to start local (multi-node like) pseudo cluster with docker and docker-compose and obviously it's not for production.

You may find more information in the specific subdirectories but in generic you can use the following commands:


To start a cluster go to a subdirectory and start the cluster:

docker-compose up -d

You can check the logs of all the components with:

docker-compose logs

In case of a problem you can destroy the cluster an delete all the local state with:

docker-compose down

(Note: a simple docker-compose stop may not delete all the local data).

You can scale up and down the components:

docker-compose scale datanode=5

Usually the key webui ports are published on the docker host.