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<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="configuration.xsl"?>
<!-- This is one of the configuration files for capacity-scheduler
(org.apache.hadoop.mapred.CapacityTaskScheduler), a TaskScheduler
for Map/Reduce system. The other configuration file is
conf/mapred-queues.xml which it shares with the framework for
configuring queues in the system. -->
<!-- This file can be used to configure (1) job-initialization-poller
related properties and (2) the default values for various properties
for all the queues.-->
<!-- The default configuration settings for the capacity task scheduler -->
<!-- The default values would be applied to all the queues which don't have -->
<!-- the appropriate property for the particular queue configured in the -->
<!-- queue-configuration file conf/mapred-queues.xml -->
<description>If true, priorities of jobs will be taken into
account in scheduling decisions by default in a job queue.
<description>The percentage of the resources limited to a particular user
for the job queue at any given point of time by default.
<description>The maximum number of jobs to be pre-initialized for a user
of the job queue.
<!-- Capacity scheduler Job Initialization configuration parameters -->
<description>The amount of time in miliseconds which is used to poll
the job queues for jobs to initialize.
<description>Number of worker threads which would be used by
Initialization poller to initialize jobs in a set of queue.
If number mentioned in property is equal to number of job queues
then a single thread would initialize jobs in a queue. If lesser
then a thread would get a set of queues assigned. If the number
is greater then number of threads would be equal to number of
job queues.