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#include "config.h"
#include "guacamole/socket.h"
#include "guacamole/stream.h"
#include <cairo/cairo.h>
* Encodes the given surface as a WebP, and sends the resulting data over the
* given stream and socket as blobs.
* @param socket
* The socket to send WebP blobs over.
* @param stream
* The stream to associate with each blob.
* @param surface
* The Cairo surface to write to the given stream and socket as PNG blobs.
* @param quality
* The WebP image quality to use. For lossy images, larger values indicate
* improving quality at the expense of larger file size. For lossless
* images, this dictates the quality of compression, with larger values
* producing smaller files at the expense of speed.
* @param lossless
* Zero for a lossy image, non-zero for lossless.
* @return
* Zero if the encoding operation is successful, non-zero otherwise.
int guac_webp_write(guac_socket* socket, guac_stream* stream,
cairo_surface_t* surface, int quality, int lossless);